911 Response Team

I do a lot of research. I feel like I need to really stress that, while talking about this subject. I’ve read documents, listened to emergency calls, and watched documentaries about the lifestyle of the emergency response team.

Let me just say, that a lot of these released documents are gut wrenching, emotionally unbelievable, and just down right scary.

One example that will forever haunt me, is one where an old lady called 911 due to the fact that she was scared about this man walking around the outside of her house late one night, and she lived alone. You hear her talking to the emergency rep, then she pauses for a second, before letting out these gut wrenching screams… The last thing you hear her say before the line disconnects, is that she can’t breathe.

Even though I’m the type to see so much good in the world, I know the world is, in fact, one f*cked up place, due to a lot of its inhabitants. A few family members have worked in prisons and jails, so I know the evil that exists.

Anyways, after doing all of this research, I became really intrigued with this kind of lifestyle, and the effects it can have on the people involved.

So I decided to do an interview with someone really dear to me, she has 9 years of experience in the emergency task force, so I just had to get her side of her experiences.

You will see the entire video interview below. I hope you all enjoy, this is my first interview ever and I’m very excited to share it with my viewers!


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