The Fate Of The Rainbow Community ๐ŸŒˆ

There has been a lot of fear running through the all-knowing, fabulous LGBT community ever since trump has become president, especially when his VP, Mike Pence, stated that he would like to give electroshock therapy to help cure gay people.

We all know that Trump talked a lot of lies during his campaign, which he has stated in a lot of his speeches since he’s been in office. For example, now that he’s president, he has no interest in locking up Hilary Clinton, due to the fact that he no longer cares, now that he won the presidency.

So, what does that mean for the LGBT community that has made so much history in the past years?

Well, let’s see what we know. Trump has stated during his campaign run, that gay marriage should be left to the states. After he won presidency, he stated that he’s not focused on the LGBT community at this time, he’s too focused on banning religious groups from entering our country, and too focused on kicking out immigrants that help make this country. And of course, we all know how Mike Pence feels, but he doesn’t matter because he’s at the back of the line.

We do know that trump is a “hardcore Christian” which means he clearly cannot support same-sex marriage. He’s too “traditional” to allow growth in our nation. He does however, allegedly, support domestic partnerships. He then turned a leaf and stated that he opposes civil unions. I swear, he flips his beliefs as much as his tupรฉ flips in the wind.

As far as discrimination goes, Trump refuses to support the equality act, and instead expressed support for the so-called first amendment defense act (FADA) and has even discussed how it can now be legal to fire, or not even hire people based on their sexuality in the work place. (Is this what the 1930’s felt like?)

But, sadly, it’s not just Trump. Now all of these conservatives are stepping into the light and showing just how backwards they really are. From racism, to sexuality.

People are even comparing homosexuality to incest, which, is really baffling to me.

I was taught that religion and politics were to always be separate. But I guess like everything else in America, this has changed.

Here is a video of me giving my opinion on Mark Dice and his foolish antics about comparing homosexuality to incest.


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