Nexpaq Is The Next Big Thing! 

What is your ideal perfect kind of phone?

A phone that has extra memory? What about a very long lasting battery, no matter how long you use it? How about some additional loud speakers? How about one that can test your alcohol levels?

What if I told you that there is a special phone case out there that can do all of the above and more?!

I know it may sound crazy, but the creators at Nexpaq have really taken the bulls by the horns here.

The creators of Nexpaq have created these fabulous cases for phones that give you everything you ever wanted in your phone, no matter what kind you have.

They created the Phonepaq, which is specifically fit to the Apple and Android phones. They also created the batpaq, which is to fit all other types of phones so that nobody is left out. The batpaq can be looked at as a universal case.

Each of these cases have 6 open slots on the back, which is to hold the modules that have been created to give your phone everything that you ever wanted it to have.

I want to get to my favorite part, the modules!

  • Air Quality ($44.90) – This module literally does what the name says! It checks the air quality that you inhale. So for all of the health advocates out there, this one is for you!
  • Alcohol ($34.90) – This is like the coolest one I’ve seen by far. This nice little module literally can tell you what your alcohol levels are!
  • Backup memory ($39.90) – You no longer have to worry about that annoying iCloud backup process, with this nice module, you can backup right there and keep it with you wherever you go, and you don’t have to worry about others seeing your information, for example, if you share your iCloud or other storage services with multiple people!
  • Battery ($19.90) – This is my favorite. This module actually takes two blocks, but it gives you longer life for your phone! So, imagine if you bought two of these. Your phone would be long living!
  • Blank module (4.90) – this is for those of you who may not want any add-ons, or this may also come in handy if you have an empty slot that you want to close up!
  • Hotkey ($19.90) – This one is also pretty dope. This module has two buttons on them, which you can program for them to do whatever you like.
  • Laser pointer ($19.90) – I think this one was made specifically for the cat owners, ha-ha! This can also come in handy if you are trying to direct attention to those things that are out of arms reach.
  • LED flashlight ($24.90) – This will give you bolder notifications, brighter selfies, and a better way to see in the dark!
  • Loudspeaker (29.90) – My all-time favorite, as I am a music monger. These plus the built-in speakers, I think it’s safe to say the entire block may sing along with you!
  • SD card ($19.90) – A nice way to store your files, and they can go with you wherever you travel.
  • Temperature & Humidity ($39.90) – This can track the temperature of, well, literally anything, you, your cat, your coffee, your room, outside. Spot on readings, anytime, anywhere.
  • USB ($39.90) – This is the new way to share files with other devices and people, instead of the lengthy processes of emailing, plugging in and downloading, etc.!

I took the time to break down every single item, because they’re just too cool to leave out! Also, all cases and modules come in white or black.

The Phonepaq is $99 dollars, no matter what make and model phone you own. Same goes for the batpaq. So if you have a Nokia, or an iPhone, you’re going to pay $99.

These are some pretty pricey items, but that’s what happens when technology just gets too damn cool!

I will personally be getting one, and I think I’ll stock up on the loudspeaker, SD card, battery, and the USB!

Which items would you get for your phone?

See them all for yourself at !


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