Bad Girls Club Final Season?!

This is probably the most heartbreaking news I have heard in 2017. I have been a huge fan of the Bad Girls Club series since I watched the second season with crazy Brooklyn girl, Tanisha Thomas, back in 2007, a whopping 10 years ago. I’ve continued to follow every season after that, but not including the Bad Girls: Love Games, or All Star Battle.

It brings me sad emotions to announce that the Oxygen Network has decided to take an ax to some of their reality TV programming, which includes Bad Girls Club, which has been running for 11 years now. So it looks as if season 17: East meets west, which aired on February 14th, will be the last! *Sobbing*

It really does shock me that the Network would decide to cut out Bad Girls Club, due to the fact that the show the most popular on the Oxygen station. Who doesn’t like to watch a handful of crazy, wild girls fight and bicker while trying to grow into better women? Personally, I was always salty that they didn’t do one for men, or at least gays, because I would try out for every season! Ha-ha.

Sisterhood of Hip-Hop and Battle of the Ex Besties will also be cut as part of its rebranding as a crime-themed network. That’s right; Oxygen wants to return to its Crime genre, full time.

This is what Oxygen chief Frances Berwick had to say:

We have a long history in the crime genre. The recent expansion of our Crime Time weekend block has enjoyed double-digit gains and has really resonated with our female audience. What’s interesting is that many younger viewers are now finding that programming. What a tremendous explosion of people following crime online, from podcasts to social chat. It’s certainly really encouraging; we’ve always had a very avid fan base for crime programming, and it feels the right moment to go all in.”

This also bothers me because I see some resolutions for this problem. The creators of Bad Girls Club, Jonathan Murray & Mary-Ellis Bunim, are also the creators of The Real World, which airs on MTV.  So, why can’t they just move the show from Oxygen to MTV? I don’t think the MTV Network would mind, because that would just mean the Network gets even more viewings. Also, they could combine the Bad Girls Club with The Real World in the form of putting the cast members on The Challenge series. I would personally love to see the mixture of the two! The challenged and drama would literally be off the charts!

I really hope that the creators of the series really put some hard thought into this, because there would be a lot of people that would be sad to see the Bad Girl franchise die off. I keep getting my hopes up though, because while I watch the 17th season of Bad Girls Club, I don’t see anyone saying anything about it being the ‘final’ season. So I will continue to pray that it’s not over for these crazy women just yet!


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