Casey Anthony: Murder or Accident? 

MURDER! Duh! but her Judge thinks different… Now, the details.

Look, I can take a lot of crazy ideas, but this particular one, I cannot let it register. I was a huge follower in the case of Casey Anthony, aka tot mom, who murdered her beautiful daughter, Caylee Anthony back in 2008. I will say that this is a story that I fell in love with, and I have continued to follow over the years, because I would love to get into this woman’s mind to see what would cause her to do this to her daughter. I would honestly love to just hear her admit that she did it, but I won’t hold my breath with that one.

It’s bad enough that back in 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year old child. Instead, they charged her with four misdemeanor counts of lying to police. Now the retired Orange County Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over her case, says that Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter, but by accident… Bitch, what???

Let’s just do a small recap of what happened to the poor baby, Caylee Anthony. Back in June of 2008, Casey killed her daughter, then threw her body in the woods after riding around with her in the trunk of her car for several weeks, not far from the Anthony home, at which Caylee’s body was found months later, on December 11, 2008. Can we discuss how the poor baby was found?! Her bones were found, wrapped in one of her blankets, thrown in a damn trash bag! It was a truly insidious act of murder & neglect.

It was no lie or secret that Casey Anthony loved to party and be single, with little to no responsibilities. I mean, her daughter was last seen June 16th of 2008, & she wasn’t reported missing until July 15th of 2008, nearly a damn month after she was last seen!  Of course we can all understand the long wait, due to the fact that Casey allegedly passed her daughter from baby sitter to baby sitter while she continued to stay out and party with her at-the-time boyfriend.

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony did in fact kill her daughter, and I do not believe for one second that it was accidental. Hell, there were over 400 pieces of evidence! Including a strand of Caylee’s hair, this was found in the trunk of Casey’s car. This would make sense, since she had her body in there for so long, before throwing her into the woods like she was garbage.

It stuns me to this day that the jury could not get a clear understanding of what happened, due to the fact of so many things being thrown at them at one time, from hundreds of evidence, to crazy irrelevant stories, like Casey’s dad molesting her. Due to that, the monstrous ‘TOT’ mom walked free. I’m pretty sure she is still hiding, because she has a whole nation that completely despises her.

Let’s get back to what her judge said, because there’s more.

“The most logical thing that occurred, in my eyesight, based on everything I know about the case, was that Casey did not intentionally kill her daughter. I think based upon the evidence, the most logical thing that happened was that she tried to knock her daughter out by the use of chloroform and gave her too much, which caused her daughter to die.”

To me, murder is murder. Casey murdered her daughter, so she never should’ve walked free. How dare someone try to step forward and try to write it off as an accident. How is that justice for baby Caylee who lost her life? She lost her life because her mother was selfish. Yet, people are trying to defend the evil and not the pure.

Sad. What are your thoughts?


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