Gay Couple Discriminated During Ice Hockey Kiss Cam

Everyone knows David Simms, the public announcer for the Sheffield Steelers, is a complete douchebag, just to sum it all up. We know this boy makes racist, sexist and discriminatory remarks, and on occasion condones child abuse. He’s been an embarrassment for years, but management loves him, so his actions will always be over looked.

Over the weekend, Saturday, March 4th to be exact, a gay couple was publicly humiliated by Simms, after they shared a kiss on the kiss cam. The men locked lips during a break at the Sheffield Steelers vs. Cardiff Devils match. Simms immediately said on live television that “the kiss is disgusting” and ordered security to “get rid of them.”

Simms later told BBC Radio: “Maybe I live in a different world; I can’t really see the offence I have caused. But if people have been offended, I am truly sorry… People, who know me, know I don’t like to offend.”

Really dude? That’s a very backhanded apology, with little meaning behind it, especially when it’s coming from someone with a history of racist and derogatory remarks.

When angry fans and humans with hearts took to twitter to show their disgust with Simms, he tweeted this:

“It was a rough day. I genuinely meant no offence yesterday but many people certainly made more of it than there was. “

Is this a second backhanded apology? Because nobody, yet again, took it as one. Simms did confirm that the LGBT community did offer him counselling, in which he said he would consider. Yeah, right.

EVEN THE STEELERS ISSUED A STATEMENT AND REITERATED THAT NO OFFENCE WAS INTENDED! They’re never going to see any wrong doings in his actions.

“In no way did Mr. Simms intend what was said in a derogatory or offensive way. The club and the EIHL have been in touch with LGBT directly.”

Ok? What the hell does that even mean? Because LGBT people buy your tickets to enjoy your show, means you’re able to backhandedly joke and disrespect us? How about no.

What’s even more funny about this is the fact that the Sheffield Steelers executive even goes on film to deny deliberately making homophobic remarks. Like, dude, it was on live television!

At least we can say that people who make such idiotic remarks, have brains the size of peanuts.

He also went on to say that it was a fun moment on the kiss cam. But what made this seem funny? Because I have never heard anyone do it to opposite sex couples. In fact, I never even heard them do it to lesbian couples. But men are so disgustingly offensive?

I always told myself that if a man has to hate on same sex men, it’s because he hasn’t yet been able to reveal his big bag of fruity pebbles locked deep inside of his closet.

FIRE HIS ASS! We have enough bad things going on in the world, we don’t need more ignorant things like this to continue to slide by.


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