Government hypocrisy 

I see so many republicans and trump supporters complaining so much about the creation of Obama care, abortions, and the fact that they have to pay for them out of taxes. These are the same people who are okay with paying with border walls, inconvenient pipe lines, and the presidents consistent vacations. 

I find this to be quite funny. The fact that human beings can have absolutely zero compassion for other’s lives, yet have no problem paying money out for irrelevant things that the government could pay for out of their own pockets, with all the damn money each governmental official makes. 

People can judge and talk down to woman for having abortions, even when they don’t know the reasons behind it, and they don’t want to pay for it out their taxes. You really shouldn’t have any say about what the choices a mother has to make, but this especially matters when you don’t want to pay for it. Thanks to Donald Trump, abortions will soon be removed from the tax payers dollars, so I better see all of these people glue their damn mouths shut. 

As far as Obama care, or health care in general, people can be so deep into their piss poor feelings about so many taxes being taken out a month to help the nation as a whole. This is one of the most selfish and greediest nations in the world. It’s definitely safe to say that all these “religious” people won’t be to happy when the lord is having a conversation with them at the holy entrance, because a lot of this nation does NOT love thy neighbor. 

People spend to much time judging others, thinking that people are on government insurance because they’re lazy or drug users, etc. but does the majority of the people don’t know that drug users get free prescription drugs just to keep off the illegal drugs, while people who are genuinely sick, suffer constantly for the fact that they can’t afford their medication. 

Take the words from this Canadian very seriously.. 


But yes, let’s pay for Trump’s golf vacations, let’s pay for Melania Trump’s house, let’s pay for pipelines & border walls, but fuck the people who are suffering every day in this nation, right? Wake up America. One day the tables will be turned and you will wish people were there to help you like others need help today. 


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