KY vs NJ Weather

I have lived in New Jersey for almost a year and a half now. I’m from the city of Louisville, located in Kentucky. So the weather changes are extreme!

Louisville is located in the Ohio Valley, so in the summer time, it gets really hot, and in the winter, it gets very cold. while living in Louisville, you also get to enjoy all four seasons. The night spring storms, to the beautiful change of the trees during the autumn season.

Despite of recent years, it’s usually a nice transition from season to season.

Sometimes, during the winter season, Louisville can see some drastic snow advisories. But a part from the blizzard in the 90’s, Louisville hasn’t really seen any drastic snow fall. I mean, we get some snow fall that will make it impossible to drive in, but even then it’s usually no more than a few inches. You can throw some snow on the road, heat up your car to melt the ice, and keep it moving. Louisville is good at preparing for and handling the snow, even if we don’t get it that much.

But let me tell you about New Jersey. Girl. I literally cannot with the North East weather.

I moved here in October of 2015, so this is my second round with the winter season. When we moved here, it was already cold, even though it was still autumn. There was no time to adjust, ha-ha. But, thankfully, we came up here in November of the previous year, and February of that year, so I already knew what to expect.

Well, the first snow experience I got, was quite amazing, I cannot lie. I was excited when I heard about the advisory, because again, coming from Kentucky, we didn’t see real snow all too often.

My first snow storm here accumulated 26 inches! Yes, you heard me correctly. Twenty. Six. Inches! But like i said, it was amazing. My father and I actually walked in it. Dude, it really was awesome. People were in the streets walking because the sidewalks were impassable, cars were completely buried, Manhattan was shut down, literally, if anyone was seen outside, they could face fines. We walked about a mile in the storm to get some food. I was happy, cold, wet and full.

So, there’s that. Then we jump into spring, or, should I just say, a milder winter. It literally stays cold until mid April, if not May! for example, jump to the present day, it’s just a few days until the first day of spring, and we just had another snow storm, which put out 24 inches of snow. Of course, we ventured out in this storm as well, because we’re, well, special.

It’s hard to say how people handle the storms up here. I mean, you will literally see the entire community out in the streets, helping everyone shovel the snow, but it’s out of making money, not so much a generosity thing. Yet, at the same time, when they get in their cars, they seems to lose common sense. For example, someone woke me up at 7 o’clock this morning, revving their engines to the high gods, trying to get their car out of a icy situation, instead of just getting out and shoveling the snow away from their car. Yes, I was very pissed.

But that’s just winter. At least the summer season is very nice, even though it seems to only last for about 4 months, then it gets cold again. You would think we live in Alaska, ha-ha. But at least during the summer, it gets hot! I mean, hot. Crazy hot. Which is weird for the cities I have lived in, because not a lot of buildings have central air. You have to provide it for yourself, meaning you have to buy AC units and fans. At least they provide heating though, you need that to survive up here.

I’m sure the northerners are used to it, but I cannot bare, ha-ha. I enjoy the warmer side of things, with a little bit of coolness. But all this outrageous wind and feet of snow, I cannot. Spring is literally 5 days away, I need mother nature to get it under control for the North East.


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