Social Media vs. Real Life

It is definitely safe to say that this is a new generation and era of technology and online services. We are living in an age where our personal lives become wrapped up in the internet life. It is a new age for ‘meeting and greeting.’

I’ve personally been a part of the social media life ever since Myspace came into the picture. Yeah, we all remember Myspace don’t we? Because that site was amazing! You were able to change your entire theme, add music, have a top 5 friend list, make blogs, I mean let’s face it, even though nobody uses Myspace anymore, it still holds the number one spot for best social app. I feel like I am a loud to give that judgement because I use a lot of social apps. I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Linkedin,, as well as a couple of others.

Yes, I do use a lot of social apps, but I can promise you that I can tell the difference between living through the internet versus real life. When I talk to people online, I take it just as that, talking. But 97% of the people I converse with, always say “It’s nice to meet you” – when in reality, we haven’t met at all. I always respond with “It’s a pleasure speaking to you.”

I don’t understand how people can consider looking at someone’s pic and having a 10 minute conversation as meeting them in real life? Anyone can upload a picture of anybody. People can also tell you anything behind a keyboard. When you’re online, you can literally be anyone and anything that you want to be. So how do grown people not use their brain and take precautions?

People really do form lives through social media and become completely cut off from the world. They will date and form relationships over the internet, get jobs and work through the internet, create and hold up friendships over the internet, they even fight with random people they don’t know to seem so cool and strong, while the real life that surrounds them every second of their life, gets smaller and smaller.

My personal favorites though, are the ones who act like they live such extravagant lives through social media, when in reality they really don’t have it like that. This is, again, why people should take precautions when talking and socializing with people online.

You never really know somebody, when dating someone in real life; you learn more about them every day. It doesn’t even have to be dating, I mean hell, I learn more things about my family the older I get. It’s a long, lengthy, and committed process in real life, let alone being on the internet.

I know majority of these people watch the MTV hit series Catfish, yet continue to be so careless and naïve when interacting with people online.  Maybe I’m just different; maybe my mother raised me to be more cautious. But I’d rather be cautious than completely trusting of someone I don’t know and end up in a ditch somewhere.

I know that its 2017, but that doesn’t mean dangers don’t exist. Stay woke people! Be safe.


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