How Good is the SeaGate External Expansion?

The Seagate external expansion is amazing and well worth the money! Here’s why.

I bought the Seagate 2 TB expansion hardware for my Xbox one, due to the fact that my console only holds 500 GB, which really isn’t big enough for a gamer like me. Realistically, my console could only hold about 5 games, and 10 apps. (Game amount varies, depends on size of games.)

That’s such a small amount for me, as I have over 15 games! So, I went out and did a lot of searching and research for the most valuable external hardware, and a lot of them were valuable alright, in terms of the amount of cash needed to drop onto one.

Gamestop had a decent one. It was a 2 TB for a hundred buck. Not too bad, right? But the very nice lady and gentleman behind the counter explained to me that I would probably be better off looking around some more, because they only have select options, and the prices only get higher – their 2 TB hardware was their lowest and cheapest.

Let me just say, I am a hardcore Ebay shopper, ha-ha. You can always find great deals, with speedy delivery, and it’s very trust worthy 90% of the time. So when the Gamestop employees told me to look around more, I went home, hopped online and started digging.

That’s when I came across this beautiful all black, 2 TB expansion hardware, and the price… A sexy, low, 70 bucks, with FAST & FREE delivery! That’s already 30 dollars saved in my pockets. I ordered the hardware on Friday, & I  received it on Monday. Man, they’re not lying when they say ‘fast and free’ are they?

When I saw my package, I of course became a three year old on Christmas morning, ripping that package apart and putting the hardware together, hooking it up, and letting that magic begin. – Now don’t let that scare you, when I say putting the hardware together, I literally mean just plugging in the connection cord to the hardware itself.

An awesome thing about this specific hardware, is that when I plugged it up to my console, it gave me the options on how I wanted to set it up.

You can use it for media, photos, files, etc.

Or you can use it for the console and games.

Once you decide which one, you go through the set up process, which consist all of 2 minutes, and then you’re good to go. Now, once you make your decision on what to use it for, you will only be able to use it for that reason, unless you restore it and change it’s settings. I can only use mine for my Xbox (And all other Xbox consoles) which I’m okay with, because that’s what I bought it for.

Since then, I have downloaded 8 games, with two more to go. Before I set up the hardware, my Xbox was 92% full, now its only 19.4% full with 1.7 TB left!

$70 for a 2 TB hard drive is not a bad purchase or investment at all! And remember it can be for anything you want! Your PC or your console!


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