GOW 4 – Same Story, Different Design

I have been a fan of the Gears of War franchise since the first one dropped on the box 360, which dropped in November of 2006. The original creators and owners were epic games, which they held onto until 2013. Two years later, in 2015, The Coalition bought it, and just a month shy of 10 years, released Gears of War 4.

I was actually not aware of the ownership change when I got Gears 4; I thought it was all still owned by the same company. So, when I started playing and noticing all of these changes, I was like “Uh, what?”

If you’re a Gears player, then you know that the traditional battles are between the COG team and the Locust villains. But in Gears 4, you spend half of the time fighting robots, which is pretty cool, but completely different from what the Gears fans are accustomed to. Even the cast is different!

Instead of playing as Marcus himself, you get to play as his very handsome son! Ha-ha. Don’t worry though, you spend a lot of time with Marcus too, you just don’t play him. But I do love the father-son, side by side, ass kicking persona that the creators set up. There’s even a time when the old crew teams up with the new crew, but I won’t give that away!

Oh, another spoiler, you no longer level up your character when playing the campaign. You can now only level up while playing online.

We haven’t even gone over the online play! Horde 3.0 is quite intense, with up to five players in survival, with classes, skills, and fortifications. Now, when you play survival, you get coins for every enemy you kill, and must collect them to buy more supplies from the box. I said it was intense, but in all honesty, it seems a lot easier than the previous versions. I got through all 50 levels within an hour, maybe less.

But the money is wrapped up in versus. There are so many different match making games that you can play, that it’s truly unfathomable. It offers brutal 60 FPS action on dedicated servers and LAN.

At first I honestly hated it, because I had to start off at level one while playing against people at level 60 and up (I started my game late). But it worked out at the same time because the other players seemed to have taken it easy on me, ha-ha. But I got the hang of it quickly and I am now at an astounding level 22, and that’s for only playing online for a week.

It is definitely worth the buy though. I was not disappointed, especially with the campaign.


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