Speculating 5th Harmony’s Split with Camila Cabello

At the beginning of the year, a heart was put through the harmonizer’s hearts when news struck that Camila Cabello left the group 5th harmony, which she was a part of for 5 years. Camila, along with her four other group members, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Hernandez, Dinah Jane, & Normani Kordei, came into play after they all gave their astounding performances on the Hollywood hit show The X Factor.

The amazing group grew to popularity very quickly, with their first hit song “Worth It” soaring off the charts shortly after it dropped, landing on the Hot 100, along with a 4% increase to 3.6 million streams. Their first album, Reflection, dropped at the beginning of 2015 and sold over 60,000 copies!

5H managed to keep us on our toes, when they released their single from their second album, 7/27, the following year. “Work from Home” was my personal favorite, and still is to this day! But of course we won’t forget to mention “All in My Head”.

That’s My Girl” was the last song the group performed together with all 5 members. Camila did two features on songs while solo, yet she was still part of 5H. Then, at the beginning of the year, Camila’s manager told 5H that she would be stepping away from the group!

5H was not having it! They released a statement saying that they had no idea and that they were basically bling sided by the news.  Camila took to Twitter shortly after hearing their statement and retaliated in saying “the fact that the girls are saying they had no idea that I wanted to pursue my solo career, is just not true. I wish them nothing but the best and will continue to support them!”

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to discuss the potential reasons as to why Camila left the group. There’s been a lot of speculation on the subject.

Some people are blaming Khloe Kardashian, for allegedly forcing Demi Lovato to say the name of the member that she thought shined the most during The X Factor performance. Other’s blame Demi Lovato herself for saying that Camila was the only one that shined. They both kind of played a role, Demi brought it up, Khloe was shady, and Demi fell for it. Did this go straight to Camila’s head?

But wait, what about Taylor Swift?

Taylor was the queen of shade during the 5H regime. She grew an instant liking to Camila, and even invited her to a party, while completely shading the rest of the group by not extending the invite.  In a video, you an even hear Taylor constantly ask Camila “Is that YOUR song on the radio?” over and over again, completely ignoring the fact that it was a 5H song.  Taylor constantly pushed Camila to go solo. Now, whether it was for personal gain, to see her “friend” strive, or a complete sabotage gain, to break up and take out her competition, is the real question here.

I honestly think it’s a combination of all of the above.  I think Camila originally wanted a solo career, then her ego got inflated by all of these celebrity influences; she did two solo features on songs, and felt like she was powerful enough to go out on her own. There’s also the fact that Camila felt as if they were constantly being sexualized, which would play a factor for anyone. As well as the fact that Lauren felt the girls got overworked and received little to nothing for it. You can find both videos on YouTube.

I’m no hater, I very much love me some Camila, & I hope all of her dreams come true, but I am very sad & disappointed that she just left the group so abruptly. The group tried to get her to do therapy with them and find solutions, but Camila was not having it.

The good news is that, even though they are one member short, 5H is still and will continue to play strong! I personally wonder if they will find another 5th, or if they’ll just keep it the original 4.

How do you feel about the separation?


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