Trump’s Syrian Airstrike Decision

“Our Support For Assad Is NOT Unconditional!”

It has been a very intense 24 hours. Around 8:30 pm last night – Thursday, April 6th – Donald Trump gave orders to send 60 tomahawk missiles to Syrian Saran Airbase. This rash decision should the entire world.

shortly after the missile attack, Trump took the center stage and gave a speech for his reasoning behind his decision, and it just might come as a shock to all of you… He gave the statement saying that he could not bare to see the images of children, men and women dying due to the chemical attack on a Syrian rebel base located outside of Damascus.

This will shock most, if not all of the people, due to the fact that Trump is the same man that denied Syrian refugees just a few months ago, when he took office. So, it’s really hard to tell what he’s really concerned about. Maybe, at least now, he will think twice about reaching out to help these poor, displaced refugees that just want to live a peaceful life. Literally, think of the children!

Allegedly, there was a warning message sent to Syrian and Russian militants regarding the planned missile attack, 24 hours before the bombing, giving the Syrian militants enough time to clear the space, which, also doesn’t make much sense to me. Is this a strategic move of some sort? If you can figure this one out, please do share with me!

Trump gave the order to attack the air base without getting approval from Congress, nor did he have the support of the UN or NATO. Going by protocol, this calls for impeachment, but we will wait and see, I suppose. He ordered the attack to “send Assad a message” regarding the use of chemical attacks.

Mitch McConnell had a lot to say regarding the topic as well. He told all the viewers in a meeting this morning that “Russia is not our friend”, & that “there will be no peace in Syria with Assad in power.”

A lot of viewers are speculating that the powers of China, Russia, & North Korea are debating what the motives of the United States really are, & where we stand.

Senator Jame Rischs said that our founding fathers had set rules in place to avoid conflict like this, which have been deteriorating over the years, due to everyone thinking they have the power to do what they want.

Trump did meet with the Chinese president after the Syrian attack, but it was full of ass kissing if you will, giving compliments and stating that “progress has been made.” The trade relationship between the U.S. and China was also on the table during their meeting, along with the conversation of China help relieving North Korea threats to the U.S. But there was no mention of the attack on Syria.

Both, Russian and Iranian Congress condemn the U.S. for the rash decision to attack Syria.

Russia is so pissed, to put it lightly, that the no-intercept treaty has been lifted over Syria. So now, Russia can intercept the U.S. and vise versa.

Russian UN envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, had a lot to say during the emergency meeting at the UN today. He started off with a powerful opening: “aggression strengthens terrorism.” he also stated that the U.S. actions were illegitimate, and that they offered no professional alternatives. He also noted that the U.S. attack is a flagrant violation of international law.

safronkov also brought up the fact that the U.S comes off as hypocritical, due to the fact that when there was a chemical attack in Mosul, Iraq, nothing made the new stations, nor were there any headlines in our newspapers. He asked if America considers Iraq second class citizens, or if America puts them in a different category of humans.

UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley gave a speech at the emergency meeting as well. She said, & I quote: “Iran & Russia bare responsibility for the atrocities. America is justified in the attack.”

I’ll leave you with this to ponder…

Is America now bought into the Syrian civil war? Or is this just a one-off “message to Assad” regarding the chemical attack? Are we heading into WWIII? Drop your answers below!

Here is a video I made regarding the situation. Check out my YouTube channel for more! Be sure to subscribe.




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