The Unicorn Frappuccino Believers!

Do you enjoy a nice cup of coffee? Do you believe in Unicorns? If you answered yes to both of those questions, this drink just might be for you! Let’s hop right into my experience with it!

This new, limited edition of a frappuccino, offered by Starbucks has taken the nation by storm. The image shown above is their newest item, the Unicorn frappuccino. It is literally the most amazing thing a believer could hope for.

I made sure to get my hands on one, because I have no problem spending money on and tasting anything with the word unicorn in it. What can I say, I’m a true believer!

The drink is very popular, as I had to search multiple locations before I finally came across one that still had the ingredients in stock. That’s right, not every location is selling the product, and the ones that are, are selling out quickly.

I traveled 5 miles just to get my hands on one, and within the 20 minutes of me being inside the establishment, roughly 15 were sold. Grown men were drinking them, women, children, all walks of life! because lets face it, we all need some unicorn in our life at least once.

The drink is very beautiful, its a true work of art. You have the blue syrup  wrapped around the cup, with the pink drink added in the middle. Then they throw on the whipped cream and dash some pink and blue sprinkles on top. Once you mix it all together, it turns into a lovely shade of purple, but sadly, there is no rainbow action, as some may have expected (like myself).

They are not lying when they say the drink is SOUR! I enjoy sour things, I have my entire childhood. I was raised on shock tarts, warheads, sour gummies, etc. So I was ready, or, so I thought! That drink had my face all the way contorted. But it was so worth it. So if you cannot handle extremely sour things, then you should probably stick to your venti mocha.

One thing I would like to discuss is the nutritional facts. I find it quite comical that people are literally bashing the drink for not being healthy. Please look at the picture and tell me if this cotton candy looking drink has healthy written on it at all? People who even consider it to be part of the healthy food pyramid just make me quiver. IQ levels these days.

There are 76 grams of sugar in a 24 oz. which can be expected, since its literally made out of sugar. There are also 12 grams of fat. This drink is equivalent to three snickers bars. Now answer me this, who has not eaten 3 snickers bars before? Really, suck it up. Don’t drink it if you don’t want it, but don’t knock others down just because it’s not your cup of tea… or frappuccino.

It does however, have 15% of vitamin A & 25% calcium. It also has 7 grams of protein. So take some good with the bad. Also, keep in mind, this is for a large. I only saw one person purchase a large frappuccino. Most consumers got a medium, along with myself.

My experience with it was amazing, and I got it all on camera! Check out the video below, and tell if you’re going to become a believer and try it out for yourself!


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