Bravo Housewives Update: Who’s Leaving & Who’s Returning?

We all know that reality television is not for everyone, but lets face it, the percentage of viewers is pretty high for the ever extending franchise. Even though we have seen some cities crumble, such as Washington D.C., as well as Miami, there is no denying that the major cities, such as New York City & Atlanta, have been going strong for many years now!

So lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

New Jersey Housewives

Well, this one is going to be VERY unexpected, but none other than the drama woman herself is to return, and if you’re a true housewife watcher, then you already know who I am speaking of! Yes, that’s right, Danielle Staub is to be returning for the 8th season! How insane is that? Danielle left after season two since the entire cast united against her. But what’s more insane is that she will be returning to the show due to her friendship with the one and only Teresa Guidice. You heard that correctly, apparently after the table flipping, exposing Teresa’s family issues, and prostitution whore comments, they finally settled their differences. Now, it’s not set in stone yet if Danielle will just be a frequent guest appearing on the show, or if she will officially return as a housewife. But she’s jumping with glee now that her new pal Teresa, is finally done with Jacqueline Laurita.

Which brings me to the one leaving the show. Yes, Jacqueline is calling it quits yet again with the franchise, which is understandable, giving that when she was on season 7, she literally came off as a mad woman, dealing with the hardcore realities that Teresa and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, have become close once more. She also had her emotional hands full with trying to sell their luxurious home, as well as dealing with their young autistic son. But i honestly think she decided to quit after the producers denied her daughter, Ashley Holmes, from becoming a full time housewife.

Orange County Housewives

It brings me great sadness to say that my favorite O.C. housewife, Heather Dubrow, will not be returning for season 12. Dubrow felt as if she has ran her limit on the show and is ready to pursue her other aspirations with her husband. I loved this woman! She was so stuck up and in a nutshell when she first aired on the show, but slowly loosened up thanks to Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson. She was so funny and comical, yet so professional and all that! She will truly be missed by yours truly.

Another familiar face won’t be making their returning debut. It’s a blonde, can you guess who? Don’t worry, it’s nobody important, it’s only Meghan King Edmonds.  There was not much information leaked as too why she decided not to return. But her and hubby, Jim Edmonds, did welcome their beautiful baby girl into the world, after going through in vitro on season 11. Meghan was a bit of an outcast as well, giving that she didn’t get along with a lot of the other women.

Don’t worry, Tamra will be returning, even though Vicki and Kelly Dodd tried really hard to get her removed from the show due to their intense amounts of drama last season, but Bravo was not having it. If anything I would have loved to see Kelly get fired, she’s not that good of a person, but we get it, Vicki needs someone on her side.

Atlanta Housewives

Even though the 9th season is still going – reunion part 2 of 4 airs this Sunday – there is already talk in the streets that Phaedra Parks will not be returning to the franchise, due to her extreme manipulations and lies against some of the other housewives such as Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams. I used to love me some Phaedra, especially when she was close with Kandi, but now, I feel joy come over my body when the idea of her leaving sets in. Karma much?

But! Guess who will be returning for season 10?! No, not NeNe, sadly. But none other than the Atlanta blonde broad herself, Miss Kim Zolciak! Don’t be tardy for the party… More like don’t be tardy for the plastic surgery or duck lip injections! But in all honesty, I kind of like Kim, I mean, she is an original. Plus the drama between her and Kenya Moore is real. You might have seen the preview of their beef if you watched the season finale. It will also gives the viewers a chance to see how Kim and Kandi mend their friendship. I am very excited for this return.

That’s all I have for now. Nothing has changed with the New York City housewives, though there was speculation that Jill Zarin was going to return, but all we know is that she makes a guest appearance on this season.

I hope this brings some enlightenment to your reality life!


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