Bates Motel: How it Should Have Ended

I have been a Psycho lover since Alfred Hitchcock’s original film in the 1960’s. I mean, who could ever forget the famous shower scene? I even found joy in the second and third sequel. The film successfully became a trilogy.

So, of course I was very excited when I saw that they were making a television show about the psycho. We would finally get to see Norman’s background story that led him to his psychosis lifestyle.

It was definitely an emotional roller coaster for the five season series, but I was very displeased at the end.

Let me say first that I love how they revisited the famous shower scene in the final season. Except they did it differently. Instead of it being the woman who got killed in the shower, it was a man, and it was fabulous. The only difference is there was no blood rinsing down the drain.

Obviously I expected everyone to die, but not Norman. The final episode concludes with Officer Romero being shot and killed by Norman, who then has a serious mental collapse, in which he mentally travels back in time where him and his mother, Norma, moved to the hotel to start their lives anew. He carries his mother’s corpse back to their home, where he makes dinner, then calls his brother, Dylan, to come over and ‘rekindle’ their distant relationship. Dylan agrees, since he knows that Romero broke him out of jail. Dylan shows up, gun in hand, walks in and finds Norma’s lifeless body sitting at the dinner table. This causes Dylan and Norman to have a serious argument about whats real and what is fake. The show ends with the two brothers fighting it out, and when Norman tries to stab Dylan, Dylan shoots him. Dylan, along with his wife and daughter, live their happy lives.

The ending was very powerful, as it showed the grave site, mother and son buried side by side, except Norma’s side had this beautiful long poem, while Norman’s side was plain and empty.

But. Norman. Is. Not. Supposed. To. Die.

That’s not how it played out in the films, anyways. He was supposed to be admitted to the psych ward, where he would eventually be released. Which is exactly how they should’ve ended it, because then it would’ve picked back up in the second film.

I love the films and I love the show, but I feel like it leaves a huge gap between the two. The series cannot be based on Norman’s life as a child and teen if they kill him off, because then the original second and third film don’t fit in.

But all in all, it was a fabulous show, and I did love every minute of it!


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