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Alien Covenant: A Confusing Twist


When I heard about the new Alien movie, I was really hyped, especially when I found out it would be directed by Ridley Scott, who, not only directed Prometheus, but also directed the original Alien back in 1979.

BUT when I watched the movie, I was all types of confused. I am no longer sure where Mr. Scott is taking us. It is hard to tell if this is indeed the prequel set to the original aliens classics, or if this is going to be a whole new set all within itself.

Why do I say that? Because, even though Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are supposed to be set in the past, to show the becoming of the aliens in their pre-Xenomorph form that we know them as, the story line itself does not fit. In Prometheus we learned about the alien ship, and our “creators” who were trying to wipe our and recreate other life forms. Now, we jump into Covenant, and we’re on a completely different planet, where that jackass robot guy spends his time creating and breeding these alien forms to get the form that we know them as, aka, the facehugger, the big, black and slimy aliens, etc. Then the film ends with the robot taking over the surviving ship and adding three of the Xenomorph embryos to the colony collection.

But that is just the thing, in the original Alien, when Ripley’s ship found this alien boat, it was the same boat that we saw in Prometheus… So how do we get back to that point for it to become full circle? Where is that big boat at?

There are so many questions that I have, and to my understanding of the film, there will clearly be another film to come. So maybe that’s when we will come full circle?

It was a great film, a little slow, but worth it. I’m just not a fan of the confusing cliff hangers. But I am sure Ridley Scott knows what he’s doing! If you haven’t seen the film, go see it! I know I left a couple of spoilers, but believe me, there is still a lot to be covered!


Long Beach: A Day with Dad

This will be a short story, since I have covered everything in the video which is posted below!

I just want to say that this day was a truly amazing day! I forgot to mention in the one-on-one video about our pedicure trip, but you will see some of the clips during the adventure part of the video!

We traveled to Union City for Honduran breakfast, through Manhattan to get to the Long Island Rail Road, to Long Beach where we got out our pedicures then went swimming in the Ocean! Well, I went swimming, my father did not. We did both lay out in the sun though, so that’s something, ha-ha.

It was nice to feel the sand between my toes. I made sure to bury myself deep in it!

Speaking of deep in sand, while we were walking across the beach, I saw three people buried up to their face in sand, just having a gay old time. I loved it. One of the girls saw me looking and laughing, so she started laughing too and said “heyyy”, and I waved back. On some real notes, I could definitely be a beach bum!

Of course I got to see my navy & Cargo ships way out in the sea, which just completed my beautiful scenic background as I swam and laid out.

There’s no beach like Long beach.

Get the rest of the adventure from the video below!


Mother’s Day Adventure: Planet Earth

This past Sunday, my father & I ventured into upstate New York to the Bear Mountain State Park.

It was my first time ever upstate, and it was the most peaceful & rejuvenating time that I’ve ever had in this region.

We live in part of the cluster of North New Jersey, so to be surrounded by tall trees, lakes, dirt, sand, wild animals, and nature itself, was just truly remarkable and long overdue.

There was a moment where we were walking along the trails, & I motioned my father to stop moving, and I just stood there to absorb all of nature’s beauty, from the scenery, to the sounds and even the smell!

I wasn’t able to spend it with my mother since she is still currently stationed in Kentucky, but I definitely made sure to spend it with the all knowing mother herself, mother nature.

The image you see first, is the very first picture I took when we arrived. This was my healing spot. I literally stayed here for 30 minutes, just staring at the mountain and the lake. Sadly, no swimming is allowed in the lake, but you can get on a paddle boat and enjoy the lake that way.

It definitely gave me a new perspective on how we treat the earth, though it may be corny, I think we can all do better as residents of this world, to treat it better. It also let me know that no matter how ugly the world may seem, that doesn’t stop nature from blossoming into beautiful landscapes.

Here is my YouTube video about the adventures! Be sure to enjoy it!


SLS Spring Gala: An Elegant Moment

When I found out that I would be attending an event, I never thought it would be a Gala. 

Sure, I knew it would be something a little extravagant since it cost 100 dollars to get in the door, but I thought it was just a regular charity event… I had no idea what I was walking into! 

I made sure to dress to impress of course, because I always want to look nice and presentable when I attend anything. I’m just thankful that my father rummaged through my closet to dress nice too! Ha-ha. Because we would’ve both been a little embarrassed had we shown up in just jeans & a t-shirt. 

The Gala was held at the seasons catering and special events, located in the Washington Township of NewJersey. The YouTube video that I made will be linked to the bottom. 

This was St. Leo’s School’s first annual Gala, and I am so honored at the fact that I was able to attend. 

The festive occasion was to acknowledge and honor two of the parishioners. One played a vital role in the school and selflessly shared a lot of his time to help keep the school going, especially in the sports program. This man is Kenny Adamo, who we honored in memory as well, since he passed away. He did a lot for the school and left many unforgettable memories behind. 

The other man we honored was Mr. Thomas Conboy, whose dedication & service to the school cannot be overlooked. Throughout the years Conboy worked hard to keep sports program going as well as maintaining the gymnasium, and most importantly raising the funds for the school particularly in the 2017 Spring Gala. 

I’m very pleased to announce that the Gala was able to bring in proceeds of over 50 thousand dollars, which will help the school tremendously. 

We had just about everything you could think of! Fine foods, open bars, sweet wine, great music, beautiful scenery & great people. Let me just say, it was the first time I had fried calamari, and I FREAKING loved it!

It lasted for about 3 hours, and it was an amazing time. I would’ve stayed forever if it were allowed. I smiled for hours after leaving the event, & I had a blast explaining everything to my mother, who was quite jealous because she has never attended a Gala neither, ha-ha! 

It was my first Gala, along with my fathers. So it was a great first time experience for both of us. That’s definitely something that is going to go down in the memory book. đź’™



Do the Cookie Dö

Cookie Dö, inc. opened their raw doors on January 25th of this year. The hype was real with this concession of raw treats. If you’re a cookie dough lover, then this restaurant is the place to be! 

It took me four months to get in the door! We tried to get into the store back in March, but the line was so long, and the store was so packed. But thankfully, the lord was looking out for me yesterday! 

Cookie Dö treats, NYC 2017

We arrived to the New York location around 1:30 pm and was in the building by 2 pm, so not a long wait time at all. The menu gives you a lot to choose from. You can get specialty dough in a cup, or you can get it between two sandwiches, literally like a sandwich – hold the cheese please. 

I chose the sugar cookie dough, because it looked so damn beautiful, but it was a hard choice! I was stuck between the peanut butter, confetti, and birthday cake dough. My father chose the TwixMix, which is literally cookie dough full of Twix pieces! 

Cookie Dö Menu, NYC 2017

Here, you can see a few of the selections that they offer. You can see why it’s a struggle to decide, but it’s well worth the choice and the wait. It’s very delicious and also very sweet! Neither one of us could finish our treats, and we got smalls-which is only a single scoop of dough, which only costs four dollars. But it’s a good thing because you’re able to bring it home and eat on it later! 

The people are also very nice, fun & energetic! A very lively place to be.

Here is my video of the adventure! Let me know what you think about it!


A Year In Garfield 

It’s really hard to believe that in less then a month, it will be a year that I’ve lived in Garfield. I’ll never forget when walked up those steps for the first time. 

Plauderville Train Station, NJ 2017

My father and I did our last shift in Jersey City, hopped on a train – which was my first experience on the NJ transit trains – and rode it throughout the NJ plains. It was late at night, so I didn’t get to see much. It’s actually a little frustrating because now we know of the Garfield stop, which is fairly closer to our house compared to the Plauderville stop. But it was still nice, because it was late, dark, peaceful, and breezy. That was the first and last time I used the Plauderville station, but it still holds a great place in my heart. 

Russian Orthodox Church, NJ 2017

The very first time I saw this church, it was that first night that we moved here, it was lit up and so beautiful. I instantly fell in love with this church, based on the architecture alone. Churches do something to me, I always get mesmerized by the structures. Anyway, I make it a point to pass this church every day, so I can admire the beauty. 

Veterans of Foreign Wars, NJ 2017

In October of last year, my father and I ventured over to the Veterans of Foreign Wars building for a charity event. We paid money for some good food and treats, and got to see one of the funniest stand up comedy shows ever. We were surrounded by all of the politicians of Garfield. I even met this older lady while waiting at the bar, and we instantly clicked! I told her I was from the south and she told me she was from the Bronx. We laughed and had a good time while we waited for our refills. I’ll never forget that lady. It was an all out amazing experience. 

Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, NJ 2016

These are two items that I purchased during the Mt. Virgin Fair. It’s an amazing experience for the fact that it’s like, literally right outside of our place. The whole street gets blocked off and they fill it with rides, games, and good “fair-like” foods. Just like the VFW, all money goes to charity. So it was money well spent. It lasts from 2pm-10pm, and goes on for 2 weeks. The hype is real when they’re set up! I’m actually excited for it to return this year. Fried Oreos… you haven’t lived until you’ve had them! 

Family selfie, September 2016

I think this is what makes this place special to me. We have many memories in NJ, due to the fact that we’ve lived in this state for over a year and a half. And even though I’m not a fan of Garfield, for the sole purpose that there’s nothing here, it’s so dear to me because this is technically our first family home in NJ. We made memories here as a family, including birthdays, adventures, dinners, and bonding moments, all of which can never be taken away. Looking back on it now, it was the mark of the beginning of new memories in a new home, in a new state. 

Reality Snapbacks

OITNB Leaked Season 5 Gives Life!

If you were lucky, you got to see the 5th season of Orange Is The New Black, thanks to a hacker group that goes by the name of “thedarkoverlord” – which did it and demanded a modest ransom from Netflix, in order to stop the leak, but Netflix never responded.

A lot of reports have stated that the hackers only released episodes 2 through 10 of the new season, even though there are 13 episodes. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny if there are 13 episodes. But I can Say that it is false that they only released episodes 2 – 10. They released 1 – 10. I could assume that there will be 13 episodes, for that fact that the tenth episode stops dead in the midst of the final destruction in the Litchfield prison.  It could be used as a finale, but if they were to do that, there would be multiple serious cliff hangers.

But, this season is lit! I want to try my hardest to not give any spoilers, but the new season is everything. It is vulgar, sexual, horrifying, vindictive, surprising, & intense. During the mix of the Hollywood fantasy prison life, the producers continue to tie real life situations into the mix.

The rioting is very real, in the prison life, but also in the real world. There have been many riots and protests throughout the years, and they really picked up on it this season. What’s really amazing about this show, and this season in general, is that they keep it real, and say some real s**t. They cover the injustice murders of unarmed minorities by police, uniting minorities to stand up against “the one percent”, trying to fix the corrupt system, etc. This has to be the realest season by far!

I really do hope that there are three more episodes, because I need more answers! You will see many twists and turns, a lot of shocks, and there will be times when you may even cry a little, but of course, they keep the comedy alive, so you can definitely guarantee some good laughs.

These episodes are not completely finished. You will see some moments that still need work, including voice overs and they way they work the cell phones. But it still very good and authentic. Just a little over a month left before we get the full scoop!

I give this season five stars. You should definitely check it out. IF you haven’t watched the show, I highly recommend catching up with the first 4 seasons, so that you can be fully prepared for the fifth season, which is due to release on Netflix on June 6th.