OITNB Leaked Season 5 Gives Life!

If you were lucky, you got to see the 5th season of Orange Is The New Black, thanks to a hacker group that goes by the name of “thedarkoverlord” – which did it and demanded a modest ransom from Netflix, in order to stop the leak, but Netflix never responded.

A lot of reports have stated that the hackers only released episodes 2 through 10 of the new season, even though there are 13 episodes. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny if there are 13 episodes. But I can Say that it is false that they only released episodes 2 – 10. They released 1 – 10. I could assume that there will be 13 episodes, for that fact that the tenth episode stops dead in the midst of the final destruction in the Litchfield prison.  It could be used as a finale, but if they were to do that, there would be multiple serious cliff hangers.

But, this season is lit! I want to try my hardest to not give any spoilers, but the new season is everything. It is vulgar, sexual, horrifying, vindictive, surprising, & intense. During the mix of the Hollywood fantasy prison life, the producers continue to tie real life situations into the mix.

The rioting is very real, in the prison life, but also in the real world. There have been many riots and protests throughout the years, and they really picked up on it this season. What’s really amazing about this show, and this season in general, is that they keep it real, and say some real s**t. They cover the injustice murders of unarmed minorities by police, uniting minorities to stand up against “the one percent”, trying to fix the corrupt system, etc. This has to be the realest season by far!

I really do hope that there are three more episodes, because I need more answers! You will see many twists and turns, a lot of shocks, and there will be times when you may even cry a little, but of course, they keep the comedy alive, so you can definitely guarantee some good laughs.

These episodes are not completely finished. You will see some moments that still need work, including voice overs and they way they work the cell phones. But it still very good and authentic. Just a little over a month left before we get the full scoop!

I give this season five stars. You should definitely check it out. IF you haven’t watched the show, I highly recommend catching up with the first 4 seasons, so that you can be fully prepared for the fifth season, which is due to release on Netflix on June 6th.


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