SLS Spring Gala: An Elegant Moment

When I found out that I would be attending an event, I never thought it would be a Gala. 

Sure, I knew it would be something a little extravagant since it cost 100 dollars to get in the door, but I thought it was just a regular charity event… I had no idea what I was walking into! 

I made sure to dress to impress of course, because I always want to look nice and presentable when I attend anything. I’m just thankful that my father rummaged through my closet to dress nice too! Ha-ha. Because we would’ve both been a little embarrassed had we shown up in just jeans & a t-shirt. 

The Gala was held at the seasons catering and special events, located in the Washington Township of NewJersey. The YouTube video that I made will be linked to the bottom. 

This was St. Leo’s School’s first annual Gala, and I am so honored at the fact that I was able to attend. 

The festive occasion was to acknowledge and honor two of the parishioners. One played a vital role in the school and selflessly shared a lot of his time to help keep the school going, especially in the sports program. This man is Kenny Adamo, who we honored in memory as well, since he passed away. He did a lot for the school and left many unforgettable memories behind. 

The other man we honored was Mr. Thomas Conboy, whose dedication & service to the school cannot be overlooked. Throughout the years Conboy worked hard to keep sports program going as well as maintaining the gymnasium, and most importantly raising the funds for the school particularly in the 2017 Spring Gala. 

I’m very pleased to announce that the Gala was able to bring in proceeds of over 50 thousand dollars, which will help the school tremendously. 

We had just about everything you could think of! Fine foods, open bars, sweet wine, great music, beautiful scenery & great people. Let me just say, it was the first time I had fried calamari, and I FREAKING loved it!

It lasted for about 3 hours, and it was an amazing time. I would’ve stayed forever if it were allowed. I smiled for hours after leaving the event, & I had a blast explaining everything to my mother, who was quite jealous because she has never attended a Gala neither, ha-ha! 

It was my first Gala, along with my fathers. So it was a great first time experience for both of us. That’s definitely something that is going to go down in the memory book. 💙



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