Rings: A Disasterous Rebirth

I am going to start off with saying this movie is a disgrace. The previews they gave for this movie made it look absolutely terrifying and amazing. But when I actually watched the film, it was very slow and quite boring. I was very pleased to know that I did not waste money going to see it in theatres.

Now I won’t completely bomb it, there were a couple, and I repeat, a couple of good spots in the film, but that was literally it.

The film was genuinely as slow as the first two. I cannot believe that after 12 years, the plot and speed have remained the same.

In terms of the plot, there has been a little change, but not much. The only thing that has changed is that after you watch the film, you must make a copy and make someone else watch it, or you’ll die, whereas in the past, once you watched it, you were going to die regardless. Also, instead of the killer calling on the landline, it’s now been switched over to the cellular devices.

Now, I will say that the graphics on this film were phenomenal. I give them an A+ in that category.

I am so terribly sorry if you paid to see this film. Because I do not see where it was worth the high price of theatre tickets. I don’t think many people gave it much of a chance though, since it only made $13,002,632 during opening weekend, and the budget for the film was $25,000,000. After a month of being released, the gross was right under $28 million, so they barely broke even.

There will be a sequel to this film, and that’s part of my confusion. Like, is this a rebirth of the franchise? Just like they pick up in the film, or is this a sequel to the second one? The connections are messy and confusing. Naomi Watts released the child in the second one, which ended the killing, but in this film, she’s coming back out of the well yet again. Now, her body wasn’t in a well this time, apparently it was in her original hometown, stuck inside a wall by her preacher daddy, which is where her body was shipped once released from the well in the second film.

I will not give the next sequel the time of day, because this makes strike three for nonsense of a film. I won’t bash the first two, because at least for their time, it was new and something worth exploring. But now, it’s just stuck on repeat.

Some things are meant to stay in the past, The Ring should be included!


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