Washington Amtrak Derailment

Earlier today, an Amtrak train going 80 mph, derailed from tracks around 30 mph curve in Washington state.

The train derailed in DuPont, Washington, which is south of Seattle, killing three passengers . The train’s speed along with the posted speed limit will most likely be the key points for the federal accident investigators.

When the train derailed, it caused several cars to plunge off the overpass & onto the interstate full of traffic. At least 5 vehicles were struck by the derailed cars.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer said: “We have multiple fatalities on the train, but none on the roadways.” Over 100 patients were injured & transported to hospitals for treatments. Hospital officials stated that at least two patients are in critical condition, & eleven others have been seriously injured.

Authorities released information regarding the total number of passengers on the train, which was a total of 77, along with the seven crew members.

Local state officials stated that federal funds were used to upgrade the tracks for passenger train use & that the Railroad Administration monitored the work. They also stated that today was the first day of public use, after many weeks of testing.

Even Donald Trump sent out a tweet regarding the matter, simply saying that the crash shows the crucial need for infrastructure improvements. After Trump went on a twitter rant about how he’s so important, he then released a tweet sending his condolences..

Amtrak released a statement, cancelling all further services south of Seattle until further notice.

Congress has ordered that railroads install automatic braking in order to slow down trains that are speeding. The deadline is the end of 2018.


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