30 Years of Roseanne!

I’m SO VERY excited to announce the return of the 80’s/90’s hot sitcom, Roseanne, which will be airing March 27, 2018, marking it officially 30 years after the very first episode aired, back in 1988!

The Roseanne cast, 30 years later!

If you’re a true fan like me, then you probably own the entire series on dvd… like me! Roseanne hit center stage, rocking out our televisions for 10 years, portraying a hard-working, middle class family that faced many struggles. Add some comedy to the mix, and she became unstoppable. Roseanne pushed the limits back in the day and I can only imagine what she has in store for us in the upcoming year!

There have been any talks and whispers about her reuniting the cast for a continuing story, but nobody knew for sure what was going to happen.

As shown in the picture above, we will be seeing Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), John Goodman (Dan Conner), Sara Chalke (Becky #2), Sarah Gilbert (Darlene), Roseanne herself, Michael Fishman (DJ), & Alicia (Lecy) Goranson (Becky #1) return to the show.

We’ve even saw a few sneak peeks of Natalie West (Crystal) & Sandra Bernhard (Nancy)! So we may even be seeing them reunite on the new season as well! Though, there has been no confirmation of Darlene’s husband, David Healy (played by Johnny Galecki) returning to the show.

We all know that David’s brother, Mark (played by Glenn Quinn) also won’t be returning, due to his passing away back in late 2002 due to a drug overdose.

But with some further research, I notice that a new Conner will be introduced! Her name is Harris Conner, which will be played by Emma Kenney!

Make sure you have your televisions tuned in on March 27th! I know I sure will be waiting! Now I think I might go ahead and watch all 9 seasons, just so I can keep it in unison with the new season to come!


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