Chaos Within Honduras

Last month, on November 26th, the Honduran elections took place, and after many widespread irregularities within the bitter contested voting process, it was released to the public that president Juan Orlando Hernandez was the winner by nearly 50,000 votes.

The Organization of the American States (OAS) made a statement that the process did not meet democratic standards and called for a fresh count. But with added confusion, European Union observers said that the recount showed no irregularities.

When supporters of Hernandez began to accuse the OAS of overstepping their boundaries and provoking violence, it pushed the country further into a political crisis.

Hernandez had already served his presidential term, about ten years ago. He re-ran after he had stacked the Supreme Court with supporters who helped him change the Honduran Constitution to allow him to seek another term.

The Honduran nation was so furious, that they took to the streets in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, clashed with police, blocked roads around the country’s main port, and burned a courthouse & bank branch in San Pedro Sula, which is Honduras’s second largest city.

“A war has been declared on the Honduran people,” former attorney general of Honduras, Edmundo Orellana Mercado, said. “I think that dialogue is no longer an option at this point, because nobody can sit down and negotiate with a person who takes power illegally.”

During all of this uncertainty, both candidates have declared victory, and the beautiful nation of 9 million people have been engulfed in protests and violence. At least 14 people have been killed along with dozens injured, mostly by government forces firing on unarmed demonstrators. 

“We are not going to stop protesting, we are not going to let them steal the elections from Salvador Nasralla or keep Juan Orlando Hernandez in power,” said Antonio Tejada, 30.

Former Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, said on Monday that protestors should no back down. However, Zelaya also gave a statement saying: “We would accept to guarantee peace, the Honduran people don’t want war, we don’t want war.”

But now, as of yesterday, Trump, along with Washington, has decided to side with the Honduran Supreme Election Tribunal & decided to recognize conservative President Juan Orlando Hernandez. — but that’s not saying much is it? One dumbass president decides to side with another?

It saddens me to the core, because I have family over there, who are fighting for their lives, their justice, and their rights of freedom. The country now has a curfew, which has been going on for 10 days now; anyone caught out after curfew, gets arrested… or maybe even worse. That is not a life to live.

I send nothing but love, support and prayers to not just my family in Honduras, but to the entire country! #iStandWithHonduras ❤


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