Parkland High School Shooting

I really seemed to piss off a lot of people on my MarroquinTea Facebook page. I did so, apparently, by posting this photo:

Along with this photo, I had the following caption:

“So, buy some marijuana vape juice online, police show up at your door. Buy an automatic rifle, and nobody bats an eye. Ban these guns already. Wonder who supplies them. 🧐🤔🤭”

People started attacking me, saying I’m stupid and a dumbass for trying to take peoples rights away.

First of all, I ain’t trying to take anything away. But I do thank the people for thinking I have so much power. Second of all, if people would literally read what I said, It clearly says ban THESE GUNS. Who needs guns like that? I get it, maybe hunters or poachers, but they should have to carry a license to purchase such type of weapons.

If you were to drive a vehicle, you would need insurance, registration and your license, or else you’re going to get in trouble.

If you try to purchase THC in a state where it’s not legal, they won’t even ship it to you. But you can purchase any gun under the sun through the internet?

Someone please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks that is a problem?

I posted this in the first place for the fact that a 19 year old boy, who had some daddy issues, went to the Parkland, Florida High School and killed 17, yes, 17 defenseless people, and injured dozens.

This has been named the worst high school mass shooting in history for Florida. Yet the mass rather be selfish and bitch and complain about their poor little toys being jeopardized. I’m not saying ban these guns, but there should be a more complex way to go about getting hem, not just handing them out like they’re some damn candy for kids.

Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin even said that we must blame video games, films and music.. I’m so sorry but that is the goofiest shit I’ve ever heard. They’ve been saying that for years, but I’ve been watching horror films since I was 4 years old, playing shooter games since 7 years old, and not one time have I ever had the urge to go out and hurt people.

Instead of blaming Hollywood, why don’t people start with the parents of these mental insane kids?? It always starts within the home.

My condolences and prayers sent to those poor victims, as well as the family members and all others who are suffering in Florida.

UPDATE: Nikolas Cruz, 19, will plead guilty in the massacre that he clearly created, if the death penalty will be removed from the table. I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I think he deserves to be taken out of this world, but I also feel like that would be the easy way out. Maybe he deserves to rot in jail for all of his life. What do you guys think?


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