3 Month Disappearance

I haven’t been on my website much, at least not posting blogs. I have been, however, loading a lot of quick facts on my quick facts page.

But there’s a reason why I haven’t done much, and I’m really going to open up about it.

I’ve started a job back at the beginning of the year, working as a dayside manager at a convenient store, and the perks are really nice. I’m gaining so much experience with running a store, something I’ve never done before in my ten years of working.

A few perks: I learn the ins and outs of a business, finances, distributors, in depth customer care, training, handling intense situations head on.

I do love my work very much, I’ve even made the executive decision in my own life to stay here for a while longer instead of returning to my jersey home, because I want to absorb as much experience as possible to be able to take these tools with me when I go back up north.

But there is a huge downside to this job. The hours are so long and demanding, for the past 18 weeks that I’ve been working, majority of them have been over what I was hired on for. My schedule is tight and hard to maneuver around, which is why I haven’t posted a lot. My time and energy is sucked up into my job that I don’t have much of anything left when I get home, hell, I barely have time for my family at home, yet alone to chase my other aspirations in life.

I think it’s time that I put my foot down and start standing my ground and getting my freedom back. I know my job can be just as successful working the amount of hours I was agreed too upon hiring, as it is now with me breaking my back, because it’s not the work that’s getting to me, I very much love what I do and I must say for being a first time manager, I do it very damn well, what it comes down to, is my time. I just want my personal time back because I’m not the kind of person in this world that slaves my life away for a dollar. I’m about enjoying the things in life, doing things that help my soul and my aura shine bright.

There have been some good things that have taken place since I’ve been gone! So let me dive into those!

First Car Ever

Back in the beginning of March, my father and I went out to do some window shopping for a new vehicle because the one we have is getting too old. So we hit a few shops around town but didn’t really find much that we liked. He told me to go to Toyota of Louisville, and that’s where the magic happened! I saw a 2016 Jeep renegade and I fell in love! It’s dark grey, black wheels, tiny, have the most intense safety features, and the latest technologies. I was so nervous as I’ve never bought anything more expensive than an iPhone, but my dad was there to help me and walk me through it, and with that, I signed on that dotted line! 2016 Jeep Renegade

A day in Indianapolis

Shortly after purchasing my first car, I had the biggest urge to travel somewhere, so I planned a day for my family and I to take a road trip. It was a weekend that I actually had off, we woke up early, backed some goodie bags, stocked up on supplies, and hit the road! It was my first time ever being in Indy, of course I’ve driven through a handful of times in my life but never actually stopped and enjoyed the city like this. My mother and I took turns driving up, switching out whenever we stopped for a bite to eat. We eventually got there around 12 noon, and spent a lot of the time at the Indianapolis mall, where we of course spent money, because that’s what you do when you’re in a new city! Then we spent a little bit of time observing buildings and landmarks in the concrete jungle, because that’s something I enjoy every time I go to a new city.

Indianapolis, Indiana 2018

April is for Chicago

Being in the line of work that I’m in, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Eby Brown Expo, which is the main distributor that supplies the stock for our store. It was the most amazing experience of my life. It was my first time returning to Chicago after thirteen years! Meaning I was literally just a kid, 13 years old, when I visited the first time. So being able to go back and experience the adult side of Chicago was a trip all within itself. But back to the story, I went to the expo to purchase items for my store, and when we weren’t spending money, we were out partying like rockstars! Open bar, free drinks, free food, residing in the executive suites at the most upscale hotel, the Hyatt O’Hare. It was literally so damn beautiful, to this day, I still wish we were there.

The Expo only lasted 24 hours, so that Friday afternoon, my parents and I booked a hotel in the heart of north side Chicago… Hell yes I did bring my parents with me, because if I’m going to experience something so beautiful, then so are they! Anyways, we got another hotel, and became tourists. We went out and got our deep dish, Chicago style pizza, we went to the Willis tower and did the overlook, my dad and I walked through the streets of Chicago, and all three of us went to millennial park and saw the giant bean! Then my ass did 80 all the way home! Lmao!

Chicago, Illinois 2018

This is the first part of our Chicago trip! Stay tuned for the second part, coming in a few days!

Honduras on the way!

One of the biggest things I’m so happy about and excited for, is the fact that in one month, my parents and I are traveling to Honduras, which is where my father is from. He hasn’t been back in 13 years, so he’s really excited to see them again! And so are we! This will be my first time ever outside of the country. I’m excited to see my abuela, mis tías, tíos, y primos! We’re going to experience so much over there, we’re going to see where my dad grew up, we’re going to visit the Americanized island, we’re going to experience real, authentic Honduran cuisine, and so much more. My calendar is marked and my bags are already packed!

So, though this year has been so very stressful with my lack of free time for my personal life, there has been a few moments that have really taken to my heart, we’re making these memories last in 2018!


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