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Amber and Piers: Nudity vs Feminism 

Twitter is an infamous site to get all the celebrity tea and drama. It’s like a live version of reality and it doesn’t even cost a penny. Just three days ago, Amber Rose and Piers Morgan let it all hang out! 

I guess you could say that Morgan initiated it by giving his opinion, which there’s nothing wrong with. Here’s the tweets between the two!

The ratchet & disrespect was real! But I honestly felt like Piers was holding it down! He even through a little bit of shade. 😂 

If you’ve seen Amber’s bare photo – which anyone with any social media accounts surely have – then you can see what all the discussion is about!

I’ve seen a lot of reports from feminism magazines bashing Piers, saying he was attacking Amber and bashing her. 

I do understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I respectfully call bs on the matter. He didn’t do anything wrong except give his opinion while stating that women shouldn’t have to bare all just to feel empowered, and I agree. 

Do you honestly think showing your 🐱 on the internet is going to make people respect you and give you power? 

Piers even shares this letter that Pop singer, Pink wrote:

I do feel that we as grown adults can do whatever we please with our lives. Amber can spread it for the world to see, do you boo. She’s clearly got the money and fame, so she outranks a lot of us. 

I know it’s freedom of expression, and we express ourselves in our own ways. But my thing is, it gets hard to take things seriously when there are shenanigans tied with them. But that’s what controversy is all about. It gets you talking, researching and defining what things are. It gets you involved.

Now, we don’t really know what goes on in Amber’s head when she does her outlandish acts, again, it’s just her type of expression, which is why I’d love to see her and Piers together in a room, hashing it out about their ideas on femenism. 

Now one thing I have with Piers is, he brought my woman, Lady Gaga, into it. What did she even have to do with their conversation? And amber did the same with Adam Levine: 

Piers didn’t have a respond for this. 

I really do hope they have a sit down and Converse about their opposing views on feminism. It would be miraculous to see them gain a mutual understanding and common ground. 

What are your thoughts? 

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Thunder Over Louisville 2017

You all know this one is going to be special to me, because this is my hometown. 

Today marks the day of the yearly Thunder Over Louisville! I’m so sad that I Will be missing it two years in a row! The firework show turns 27 this year! 

Some of you all may be asking yourself “what the hell is thunder over Louisville?” Well, I have the answers to that! Thunder Over Louisville is an event that takes part in the Kentucky derby. It’s started at 2:30 this afternoon, and will end around 10 tonight. During the day you are deafened by fascinating air shows and at night, usually around 9-9:30, the city is lit up on the Ohio river due to amazing firework displays. There’s also great music, delicious “fair style” foods, beers, bands, rides, and literally thousands of people on both the Kentucky side and the Indiana side. It basically kicks off the start of the Derby, since it’s a two week celebration. This year marks the 143rd Derby, so it’s kind of a big deal! 😜😉

Celebrities even come to town to enjoy the festivities that the Kentucky Derby brings to the lovely city of Louisville. We have thunder Over Louisville, the Pegasus Parade, the Steamboat Race, the Balloon Glow and Balloon Race, along with the Derby itself, and so much more. It’s literally the most expensive and most extravagant festival we hold in Louisville. 

You definitely want to get your hands on a Pegasus pin, because that gets you into all of the event special locations with no charge. For example, with a Pegasus pin in hand, you gain access to the great lawn on the riverfront, which is one of the best places to be during the show. 

I’m going to compare Thunder Over Louisville to Mardu Gras, only for the fact that you have such a gargantuan crowd of drunk people trying to get around and enjoy themselves! 😂 

There are a couple of downfalls, first being the weather if you’re not prepared. It can be very chilly on the riverfront, so a jacket and blanket are always recommended. Secondly, the bathroom situation! We’ve all used porter potties before, but the line to get into one can be very annoying, especially if you need to go asap. You’d be better off renting a location in one of the skyscrapers for a more convenient bathroom situation if you’re one of the frequent “goers.” Thirdly, TRAFFIC! Oh my lanta! Traffic is one of the worst things to deal with during thunder. It usually takes all of 3 hours to get home, depending on where you’re staying. Lastly, reception. Don’t think you’re going to go down there and have signal to be all over social media and making phone calls, because you won’t. The crowd gets so big that the towers literally get over powered. So save those intense moments for when you have a bar or two, because I guarantee they won’t last long! 

It’s worth it though. It’s a beautiful experience that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing with my family and friends over the years. There really is no other festival like it. 

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The 13 Reasons Why… 

You may have heard abou the new Netflix original series 13 Reasons why, since it’s been the talk of all social media outlets since it’s premier on March 31st. I have many points to this topic, so I’m going to try and make it as organized as possible, just bare with me. 

First, a summary of the show’s first season.. we kick off with the suicide of a high school sophomore named Hannah Baker, who, upon her death, made 13 cassette tapes, referring to the 13 people who helped “aid” in her suicidal death, whether it was by bullying, raping, or not doing enough to save her from her depression. Each episode focuses on a cassette; 13 suspects, 13 cassettes, 13 episodes. 

I will say that this show is very intense, so if you can’t handle watching explicit scenes or rape and suicide, then this show probably isn’t for you. 

The description of the story are spot on, if I do say so myself. It understands and defines the levels of tearing someone a part, starting with the breaking of ones heart, to destroying ones reputation, onto breaking of ones spirit, ending with breaking ones soul, which results in ending ones life. 

There has been so much negative speculation on the show, by people saying that it’s over dramatized and highly inaccurate. Speculation has also been made saying that it highly fantasizes the outcome of someone committing suicide. Well, here is why I call absolute bullshit on that:

  1. Many shows often have at least ONE episode that fantasizes suicide where a character will “die” to see the outcome of how the lives of others are effected, and yet everyone on this planet doesn’t bat an eye. 
  2. How in the hell can one overly dramatize something as real life as this? 
  3. Suicide: can someone explain to me how one is supposed to react when suicidal? I mean I just don’t think people really pay attention to real life anymore. Robin Williams is a perfect example. He gave off the persona that he was as happy as anyone could possibly be, yet fought depression so bad that he couldn’t deal with it anymore and took his own life. 
  4. Rape: please, don’t even start with me. The first rape victim became an alcoholic and drug user because of it. Which, if you look at real life statistics, I’d say that’s pretty spot on. As for the other rape victim? Well, that was the tipping point for her suicide. 
  5. Name calling and fabrication: 1 in 3 people are called something derogatory, and fabricated upon, ESPECIALLY while in grade school. I know that better than anyone else. I was the gay queer that had a crush on every single guy in the neighborhood, just because I was openly gay. Shit talking is the number one thing that lives in those adolescent years. Even adults do it, the workplace is full of it. Hence the saying “this is so high school”. 
  6. Being sexualized: seriously? This was over dramatized? Our entire nation is based upon men and women being attractive and sexually appealing. That’s why blonde hair and blue eyes are a thing, because that’s what America wants. It’s all over our magazines, newspapers and even our televisions. 

I have never seen something focus on the very structure of suicide, and get it so nearly spot on. I say nearly, for the fact that depression comes in many different shapes and sizes. Someone can be depressed by life changing circumstances, while the other could be depressed due to grief or medical conditions. So, depression in this series is loosely explored and defined, but it gives us a better idea and understanding: you really don’t know what someone is going through. 

Now, I will not lie, this show did piss me off, very much. In the show, everyone wanted to keep it a secret, per Hannah’s request. But this grew more and more unbearable for her lover, Clay Jensen. He wanted so bad to just out everybody, and grew the courage to try do to so, very often, but every time, someone would tell him no, and he would basically be like “ok”, which is stupid, because in real life, anyone would turn in the evidence to get the story out there, or at least I would. 

I was also perturbed when all of the suspects, who were undoubtedly guilty, would constantly blame the dead girl. Yeah, it’s so easy to blame someone who is no longer breathing right? This more or less bothered me because it reminds of the real world. On the news today you can hear people say “well, if she wasn’t wearing a skirt or wearing a tank top then she wouldn’t have been raped,” or something along the line of “boys will be boys.” But don’t let it fool you, this even happens in the show! At the end, the counselor tells Hannah to “just move on” when she’s opening up about being raped. I know it’s just a show, but I literally wanted to jump through my television and beat his face myself. 

Which leads me to my next point. 

This show covers so much real life in today’s perspective that it’s not even funny. You have two gay fathers raising an adopted daughter, you have a meth head mother who chooses her abusive boyfriend over her son, you have the perfect rich kid who can buy his way out of everything, you have the kid who has a cop for a parent and therefore is untouched, you have lesbian as well as gay couples. You have the family owned business being overtaken by the big corporation. There is even a point in the show where they point out the hatred battles going on in the world. It graphs out what really goes on the the world today, and it’s so realistic, and I think that’s what really gets under people’s skin. 

What really want to know is how they got the “suicide” wrong? So many speculators say it’s not accurate. But how? Because she cut her wrists the right way? Or was it because her reasonings don’t add up to their standards? Or maybe it was the fact that people believe they’re (suicidals) going to do what they want so why bother trying? These are questions that I will probably never get the answer to. But I think this show is a great view, and I feel that it can be very educational. I know we are imperfect beings, but at some point, somewhere, we gotta see a change. Parents rather raise their kids being mean, vicious, murderers, instead of raising them with love, compassion and understanding. 

I’m not asking you to agree with me. But I’m asking you to take a look for yourself. I’d rather do my best to help someone, than to go on while they continue to suffer. Don’t be like the kids

I will advise another warning though, if you do watch the show. The rape and suicide scenes are very real-like, and very intense. Proceed with caution. 

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Trump’s Syrian Airstrike Decision

“Our Support For Assad Is NOT Unconditional!”

It has been a very intense 24 hours. Around 8:30 pm last night – Thursday, April 6th – Donald Trump gave orders to send 60 tomahawk missiles to Syrian Saran Airbase. This rash decision should the entire world.

shortly after the missile attack, Trump took the center stage and gave a speech for his reasoning behind his decision, and it just might come as a shock to all of you… He gave the statement saying that he could not bare to see the images of children, men and women dying due to the chemical attack on a Syrian rebel base located outside of Damascus.

This will shock most, if not all of the people, due to the fact that Trump is the same man that denied Syrian refugees just a few months ago, when he took office. So, it’s really hard to tell what he’s really concerned about. Maybe, at least now, he will think twice about reaching out to help these poor, displaced refugees that just want to live a peaceful life. Literally, think of the children!

Allegedly, there was a warning message sent to Syrian and Russian militants regarding the planned missile attack, 24 hours before the bombing, giving the Syrian militants enough time to clear the space, which, also doesn’t make much sense to me. Is this a strategic move of some sort? If you can figure this one out, please do share with me!

Trump gave the order to attack the air base without getting approval from Congress, nor did he have the support of the UN or NATO. Going by protocol, this calls for impeachment, but we will wait and see, I suppose. He ordered the attack to “send Assad a message” regarding the use of chemical attacks.

Mitch McConnell had a lot to say regarding the topic as well. He told all the viewers in a meeting this morning that “Russia is not our friend”, & that “there will be no peace in Syria with Assad in power.”

A lot of viewers are speculating that the powers of China, Russia, & North Korea are debating what the motives of the United States really are, & where we stand.

Senator Jame Rischs said that our founding fathers had set rules in place to avoid conflict like this, which have been deteriorating over the years, due to everyone thinking they have the power to do what they want.

Trump did meet with the Chinese president after the Syrian attack, but it was full of ass kissing if you will, giving compliments and stating that “progress has been made.” The trade relationship between the U.S. and China was also on the table during their meeting, along with the conversation of China help relieving North Korea threats to the U.S. But there was no mention of the attack on Syria.

Both, Russian and Iranian Congress condemn the U.S. for the rash decision to attack Syria.

Russia is so pissed, to put it lightly, that the no-intercept treaty has been lifted over Syria. So now, Russia can intercept the U.S. and vise versa.

Russian UN envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, had a lot to say during the emergency meeting at the UN today. He started off with a powerful opening: “aggression strengthens terrorism.” he also stated that the U.S. actions were illegitimate, and that they offered no professional alternatives. He also noted that the U.S. attack is a flagrant violation of international law.

safronkov also brought up the fact that the U.S comes off as hypocritical, due to the fact that when there was a chemical attack in Mosul, Iraq, nothing made the new stations, nor were there any headlines in our newspapers. He asked if America considers Iraq second class citizens, or if America puts them in a different category of humans.

UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley gave a speech at the emergency meeting as well. She said, & I quote: “Iran & Russia bare responsibility for the atrocities. America is justified in the attack.”

I’ll leave you with this to ponder…

Is America now bought into the Syrian civil war? Or is this just a one-off “message to Assad” regarding the chemical attack? Are we heading into WWIII? Drop your answers below!

Here is a video I made regarding the situation. Check out my YouTube channel for more! Be sure to subscribe.



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Chemical Warfare on Idlib


For most people in the world, this passed Tuesday was just another day of the week, but for the community of Idlib, Tuesday would be a dark day, full of pain, sadness, and death. 

Two men receiving oxygen after the air strike, 04/17
On Tuesday, a very devastating chemical airstike was dropped over the rebel-held province of Idlib, in the town of Khan Sheikhoun. The civil war in Syria has been going on for six years now, and this attack may have just fueled some very intense fires. The chemical attack has left dozens of people – including children – dead or critically injured. 
So far, upwards of 80 people have been killed due to the air strike, an air strike In which many speculators say was played out by the Syrian army. The Syrian army has denied these accusations. Less than 24 hours after the first chemical air strike, more air strikes reportedly started hitting the same part of town. Speculation points to the Syrian army due to the fact that towns like the province of Idlib, Are held by rebels opposing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

Idlib, Syria

 The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights first said at least 58 people, among them 11 children, passed out from inhaling the toxic chemicals released into the air. Many others died later after the initial exposure.

The chemical, which the World Health Organization said could be a nerve agent, caused many victims to choke, foam at the mouth, and writhe in pain before passing out. “It was like a winter fog,” Mariam Abu Khalil, a teenager who saw several residents of her hometown die, told The New York Times.

Bodies after the chemical air strike 04/17
Turkey said it dispatched 30 ambulances to Idlib following chlorine gas attacks in the northwestern province, the Turkish Anadolu news agency reported. Syrian opposition health minister Firas Jundi put the death toll at more than 100 civilians and said 500 others, mostly children, were sickened or burned by the chemicals. It is the largest chemical attack in Syria since August 2013, when sarin gas killed hundreds of civilians in Ghouta near Damascus. 

When asked what changes might be expected in the world regarding chemical weapons given the gas attack, one Syria expert said it was a bit late to ask such a question.

“Supposedly the international community was supposed to or should have removed all chemical weapons in 2013 according to the famous Russian-American agreement that apparently was not fulfilled, which raises a question about the monitoring mechanisms,” Joseph Bahout of the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace told USA TODAY.

The civil war that has left more than 450,000 Syrians dead as well as 12 million Syrians displaced from their homes, shows no signs of letting up any time soon.

My heart literally breaks for this town. So many people’s lives lost, including innocent children, who have nothing to do with the screwed up decisions the adults of any and every nation/country make. I hope that one day we really find world peace. 

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Speculating 5th Harmony’s Split with Camila Cabello

At the beginning of the year, a heart was put through the harmonizer’s hearts when news struck that Camila Cabello left the group 5th harmony, which she was a part of for 5 years. Camila, along with her four other group members, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Hernandez, Dinah Jane, & Normani Kordei, came into play after they all gave their astounding performances on the Hollywood hit show The X Factor.

The amazing group grew to popularity very quickly, with their first hit song “Worth It” soaring off the charts shortly after it dropped, landing on the Hot 100, along with a 4% increase to 3.6 million streams. Their first album, Reflection, dropped at the beginning of 2015 and sold over 60,000 copies!

5H managed to keep us on our toes, when they released their single from their second album, 7/27, the following year. “Work from Home” was my personal favorite, and still is to this day! But of course we won’t forget to mention “All in My Head”.

That’s My Girl” was the last song the group performed together with all 5 members. Camila did two features on songs while solo, yet she was still part of 5H. Then, at the beginning of the year, Camila’s manager told 5H that she would be stepping away from the group!

5H was not having it! They released a statement saying that they had no idea and that they were basically bling sided by the news.  Camila took to Twitter shortly after hearing their statement and retaliated in saying “the fact that the girls are saying they had no idea that I wanted to pursue my solo career, is just not true. I wish them nothing but the best and will continue to support them!”

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to discuss the potential reasons as to why Camila left the group. There’s been a lot of speculation on the subject.

Some people are blaming Khloe Kardashian, for allegedly forcing Demi Lovato to say the name of the member that she thought shined the most during The X Factor performance. Other’s blame Demi Lovato herself for saying that Camila was the only one that shined. They both kind of played a role, Demi brought it up, Khloe was shady, and Demi fell for it. Did this go straight to Camila’s head?

But wait, what about Taylor Swift?

Taylor was the queen of shade during the 5H regime. She grew an instant liking to Camila, and even invited her to a party, while completely shading the rest of the group by not extending the invite.  In a video, you an even hear Taylor constantly ask Camila “Is that YOUR song on the radio?” over and over again, completely ignoring the fact that it was a 5H song.  Taylor constantly pushed Camila to go solo. Now, whether it was for personal gain, to see her “friend” strive, or a complete sabotage gain, to break up and take out her competition, is the real question here.

I honestly think it’s a combination of all of the above.  I think Camila originally wanted a solo career, then her ego got inflated by all of these celebrity influences; she did two solo features on songs, and felt like she was powerful enough to go out on her own. There’s also the fact that Camila felt as if they were constantly being sexualized, which would play a factor for anyone. As well as the fact that Lauren felt the girls got overworked and received little to nothing for it. You can find both videos on YouTube.

I’m no hater, I very much love me some Camila, & I hope all of her dreams come true, but I am very sad & disappointed that she just left the group so abruptly. The group tried to get her to do therapy with them and find solutions, but Camila was not having it.

The good news is that, even though they are one member short, 5H is still and will continue to play strong! I personally wonder if they will find another 5th, or if they’ll just keep it the original 4.

How do you feel about the separation?

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Tomi Lahren Left the Building! 

I’m am way to hype about delivering this sweet & juicy news to you guys! Tomi Lahren will not be returning from her suspension on The Blaze! The permanent ban does not come as a surprise to most media observers. Is it really Christmas in March?! That’s going to be a hell yes for me! 

Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you! Isn’t the lord just so great? 😂😂😂

According to the New York Post, Lahren was banned from the company for making comments about being “pro-choice” while on ABC’s talk show The View

Lahren was originally suspended last week after calling conservatives hypocrites for believing in limited government while still wanting to control women’s rights to choose… 

Yes let that all sink in. A hypocritical woman, who has been siding with conservatives this entire time, while calling herself a millennial, has flipped sides, yet again, to bash her conservatives and call them hypocrites. I still laugh at this. I remember watching one of her “Final Thoughts” where she complained about women marching for protecting their rights, and now, here she is, trying to protect her rights. This could be a good comedy film, just saying. 

This is what Lahren had to say while on The View:
“I’m pro choice and here’s why, I’m a constitutional, you, know, someone that loves the Constitution. I am someone that is for limited government, and therefore I can’t be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think that the government should decide what women do with their bodies.” 

Lahren continued: “I can say, you know what, I am for limited government, so stay out of my guns and stay out of my body.”

Now, I’m not going to lie, even though I despise this woman, I did watch her segments almost religiously, because I enjoyed seeing her perspective on the Nation’s problematic situations, and I also enjoyed watching people correcting her. But I stopped after a while, because I thought I was losing brain cells! 

What I really get a kick out of, is the fact that she was let go due to “attacking” the conservative, yet during her entire broadcasting career, she continually attacked the democrats, millennials (even though she is one, since she’s a whomping 24 years old), and the snowflakes – all of which was completely acceptable. 

I will say that I am happy for the fact that she could at least turn the finger around and point it in the right direction for once. Maybe if she spoke the truth a lot more often, she would’ve been a lot better off in the media industry. 

I’m glad to see her go, honestly, but I don’t think we have seen the last of Tomi. What I can’t wait for, is for a democratic, snowflake company to hire her, because then, the entire world will see just how much of a hypocritical, flip-flopper she really is. 
What do you think is in store for Tomi? Comment down below! 

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Social Media vs. Real Life

It is definitely safe to say that this is a new generation and era of technology and online services. We are living in an age where our personal lives become wrapped up in the internet life. It is a new age for ‘meeting and greeting.’

I’ve personally been a part of the social media life ever since Myspace came into the picture. Yeah, we all remember Myspace don’t we? Because that site was amazing! You were able to change your entire theme, add music, have a top 5 friend list, make blogs, I mean let’s face it, even though nobody uses Myspace anymore, it still holds the number one spot for best social app. I feel like I am a loud to give that judgement because I use a lot of social apps. I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Linkedin,, as well as a couple of others.

Yes, I do use a lot of social apps, but I can promise you that I can tell the difference between living through the internet versus real life. When I talk to people online, I take it just as that, talking. But 97% of the people I converse with, always say “It’s nice to meet you” – when in reality, we haven’t met at all. I always respond with “It’s a pleasure speaking to you.”

I don’t understand how people can consider looking at someone’s pic and having a 10 minute conversation as meeting them in real life? Anyone can upload a picture of anybody. People can also tell you anything behind a keyboard. When you’re online, you can literally be anyone and anything that you want to be. So how do grown people not use their brain and take precautions?

People really do form lives through social media and become completely cut off from the world. They will date and form relationships over the internet, get jobs and work through the internet, create and hold up friendships over the internet, they even fight with random people they don’t know to seem so cool and strong, while the real life that surrounds them every second of their life, gets smaller and smaller.

My personal favorites though, are the ones who act like they live such extravagant lives through social media, when in reality they really don’t have it like that. This is, again, why people should take precautions when talking and socializing with people online.

You never really know somebody, when dating someone in real life; you learn more about them every day. It doesn’t even have to be dating, I mean hell, I learn more things about my family the older I get. It’s a long, lengthy, and committed process in real life, let alone being on the internet.

I know majority of these people watch the MTV hit series Catfish, yet continue to be so careless and naïve when interacting with people online.  Maybe I’m just different; maybe my mother raised me to be more cautious. But I’d rather be cautious than completely trusting of someone I don’t know and end up in a ditch somewhere.

I know that its 2017, but that doesn’t mean dangers don’t exist. Stay woke people! Be safe.

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Government hypocrisy 

I see so many republicans and trump supporters complaining so much about the creation of Obama care, abortions, and the fact that they have to pay for them out of taxes. These are the same people who are okay with paying with border walls, inconvenient pipe lines, and the presidents consistent vacations. 

I find this to be quite funny. The fact that human beings can have absolutely zero compassion for other’s lives, yet have no problem paying money out for irrelevant things that the government could pay for out of their own pockets, with all the damn money each governmental official makes. 

People can judge and talk down to woman for having abortions, even when they don’t know the reasons behind it, and they don’t want to pay for it out their taxes. You really shouldn’t have any say about what the choices a mother has to make, but this especially matters when you don’t want to pay for it. Thanks to Donald Trump, abortions will soon be removed from the tax payers dollars, so I better see all of these people glue their damn mouths shut. 

As far as Obama care, or health care in general, people can be so deep into their piss poor feelings about so many taxes being taken out a month to help the nation as a whole. This is one of the most selfish and greediest nations in the world. It’s definitely safe to say that all these “religious” people won’t be to happy when the lord is having a conversation with them at the holy entrance, because a lot of this nation does NOT love thy neighbor. 

People spend to much time judging others, thinking that people are on government insurance because they’re lazy or drug users, etc. but does the majority of the people don’t know that drug users get free prescription drugs just to keep off the illegal drugs, while people who are genuinely sick, suffer constantly for the fact that they can’t afford their medication. 

Take the words from this Canadian very seriously.. 


But yes, let’s pay for Trump’s golf vacations, let’s pay for Melania Trump’s house, let’s pay for pipelines & border walls, but fuck the people who are suffering every day in this nation, right? Wake up America. One day the tables will be turned and you will wish people were there to help you like others need help today. 

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Gay Couple Discriminated During Ice Hockey Kiss Cam

Everyone knows David Simms, the public announcer for the Sheffield Steelers, is a complete douchebag, just to sum it all up. We know this boy makes racist, sexist and discriminatory remarks, and on occasion condones child abuse. He’s been an embarrassment for years, but management loves him, so his actions will always be over looked.

Over the weekend, Saturday, March 4th to be exact, a gay couple was publicly humiliated by Simms, after they shared a kiss on the kiss cam. The men locked lips during a break at the Sheffield Steelers vs. Cardiff Devils match. Simms immediately said on live television that “the kiss is disgusting” and ordered security to “get rid of them.”

Simms later told BBC Radio: “Maybe I live in a different world; I can’t really see the offence I have caused. But if people have been offended, I am truly sorry… People, who know me, know I don’t like to offend.”

Really dude? That’s a very backhanded apology, with little meaning behind it, especially when it’s coming from someone with a history of racist and derogatory remarks.

When angry fans and humans with hearts took to twitter to show their disgust with Simms, he tweeted this:

“It was a rough day. I genuinely meant no offence yesterday but many people certainly made more of it than there was. “

Is this a second backhanded apology? Because nobody, yet again, took it as one. Simms did confirm that the LGBT community did offer him counselling, in which he said he would consider. Yeah, right.

EVEN THE STEELERS ISSUED A STATEMENT AND REITERATED THAT NO OFFENCE WAS INTENDED! They’re never going to see any wrong doings in his actions.

“In no way did Mr. Simms intend what was said in a derogatory or offensive way. The club and the EIHL have been in touch with LGBT directly.”

Ok? What the hell does that even mean? Because LGBT people buy your tickets to enjoy your show, means you’re able to backhandedly joke and disrespect us? How about no.

What’s even more funny about this is the fact that the Sheffield Steelers executive even goes on film to deny deliberately making homophobic remarks. Like, dude, it was on live television!

At least we can say that people who make such idiotic remarks, have brains the size of peanuts.

He also went on to say that it was a fun moment on the kiss cam. But what made this seem funny? Because I have never heard anyone do it to opposite sex couples. In fact, I never even heard them do it to lesbian couples. But men are so disgustingly offensive?

I always told myself that if a man has to hate on same sex men, it’s because he hasn’t yet been able to reveal his big bag of fruity pebbles locked deep inside of his closet.

FIRE HIS ASS! We have enough bad things going on in the world, we don’t need more ignorant things like this to continue to slide by.

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Casey Anthony: Murder or Accident? 

MURDER! Duh! but her Judge thinks different… Now, the details.

Look, I can take a lot of crazy ideas, but this particular one, I cannot let it register. I was a huge follower in the case of Casey Anthony, aka tot mom, who murdered her beautiful daughter, Caylee Anthony back in 2008. I will say that this is a story that I fell in love with, and I have continued to follow over the years, because I would love to get into this woman’s mind to see what would cause her to do this to her daughter. I would honestly love to just hear her admit that she did it, but I won’t hold my breath with that one.

It’s bad enough that back in 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year old child. Instead, they charged her with four misdemeanor counts of lying to police. Now the retired Orange County Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over her case, says that Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter, but by accident… Bitch, what???

Let’s just do a small recap of what happened to the poor baby, Caylee Anthony. Back in June of 2008, Casey killed her daughter, then threw her body in the woods after riding around with her in the trunk of her car for several weeks, not far from the Anthony home, at which Caylee’s body was found months later, on December 11, 2008. Can we discuss how the poor baby was found?! Her bones were found, wrapped in one of her blankets, thrown in a damn trash bag! It was a truly insidious act of murder & neglect.

It was no lie or secret that Casey Anthony loved to party and be single, with little to no responsibilities. I mean, her daughter was last seen June 16th of 2008, & she wasn’t reported missing until July 15th of 2008, nearly a damn month after she was last seen!  Of course we can all understand the long wait, due to the fact that Casey allegedly passed her daughter from baby sitter to baby sitter while she continued to stay out and party with her at-the-time boyfriend.

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony did in fact kill her daughter, and I do not believe for one second that it was accidental. Hell, there were over 400 pieces of evidence! Including a strand of Caylee’s hair, this was found in the trunk of Casey’s car. This would make sense, since she had her body in there for so long, before throwing her into the woods like she was garbage.

It stuns me to this day that the jury could not get a clear understanding of what happened, due to the fact of so many things being thrown at them at one time, from hundreds of evidence, to crazy irrelevant stories, like Casey’s dad molesting her. Due to that, the monstrous ‘TOT’ mom walked free. I’m pretty sure she is still hiding, because she has a whole nation that completely despises her.

Let’s get back to what her judge said, because there’s more.

“The most logical thing that occurred, in my eyesight, based on everything I know about the case, was that Casey did not intentionally kill her daughter. I think based upon the evidence, the most logical thing that happened was that she tried to knock her daughter out by the use of chloroform and gave her too much, which caused her daughter to die.”

To me, murder is murder. Casey murdered her daughter, so she never should’ve walked free. How dare someone try to step forward and try to write it off as an accident. How is that justice for baby Caylee who lost her life? She lost her life because her mother was selfish. Yet, people are trying to defend the evil and not the pure.

Sad. What are your thoughts?

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Blessings In A Backpack

Today I would like to talk about something a little more uplifting than usual. It’s almost the weeked, I feel good, & I want others to feel good too. No intense posts from me today.

Let’s talk about this amazing charity organization, Blessings in a Backpack.

Blessings in a Backpack are an organization that mobilizes communities, individuals & recourses to provide food on the weekend for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

The vision is just as beautiful mission. Every school – aged child in America has the nourishment needed to learn and grow. As a leader in the movement to end childhood hunger, Blessings strives to ensure children don’t go hungry on the weekends by empowering individuals & communities to take action.

One in five American children face food insecurity – this is more than the populations of New York City, Los Angeles & Chicago combined! These children count on the federal funds and food that they receive during the school lunch, and for most, these are the only meals they get.

Over 92,700 children are involved in the program, helping over 1,064 schools in 47 states nationwide.

It was blessing within itself to be a part of Blessings in a Backpack. I served a weekend run with some former colleagues from our college campus, back in the summer of 2012. We were stationed in Louisville, Kentucky, and we assisted the children at Roosevelt Perry Elementary.

I have never seen so many beautiful, happy faced, grateful children in my life.  It warmed my heart to stuff all of their backpacks with as many goodies as we possibly could.

There are many ways to donate for the charity program. You can give money – which you can do one time only, or even set up to pay monthly – stock items, or even backpacks! Or, my personal favorite, which is what myself and my colleagues did, you can step in and help out personally. You can be the one to put all of the treats in the bags, and see all the children’s’ smiling faces!

If anyone is donating, here are the steps:

Money – Send checks to the following address – Blessings in a Backpack , P.O. box 950291 , Louisville, KY 40295.

Stock – Contact the Associate Director of Development at (312) 893-5508.

Give in-Kind (Backpacks) – The only backpacks that can be accepted are new standard backpacks, or drawstrings. Sadly, satchels, roller bags, messenger bags or clear or mesh backpacks cannot be accepted. Call (800) 872 – 4366 to donate!

You can check out the website, to see all of the full details. There, you can also click on the donate tab, and choose whichever way you would like to donate!

I think this charity is one of the most positive impacting tools to take the nation by storm, and it warms my heart to see them going so strong for so many years. Children need all the help they can get because they are our future. We take care of them now, they take care of us later. Plus, with all the nastiness going on in the world today, these kids really need to know what love and compassion is.

Here is my PowerPoint – turned video of our work at Roosevelt Perry Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope you enjoy it!