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Neutralizing the Net?

Today is the big day, regarding net neutrality. A lot of people aren’t paying enough attention to it!

You do understand that all of our favorite websites will begin to cost money out of our pockets if they get rid of it, right?

Imagine how strenuous that will be on daily workers who sit behind a screen all day, and for those who use the internet for fun and enjoyment, or even the kids who bust their asses to get a decent education… this nation makes us pay for enough in our lives, don’t let the net become yet another currency sucking monster!

Your favorite YouTubers? Paying money, You want to watch them? Pay that money. You want to go visit tumblr, google, and Facebook? You better pay that damn money… doesn’t that sound just stupid and sad?

Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use. Net Neutrality is the way that the internet has always worked.

All of that will change. You will no longer be able to access whatever you want, when surfing the web. You will have to pay for your internet services, and then pay for any sites you would like to visit. How is that fair? It’s yet another freedom that the higher ups are trying to take away and control.

Net Neutrality is the internet’s main principle, it preserves our rights to communicate freely online. It’s literally free speech. It meansthat ISPs should be able to provide us with open networks, and shouldn’t block any applications or content that override said networks. The ISP should have no interference with the content you view online. You wouldn’t want your phone company telling you who you can call, right? So why would anyone even consider it with their internet?If Net neutrality is taken away, you will no longer be in controlof what you want to see, instead, someone else will be making that decision for you! How crazy is that?? This does not sound like a progression in our nation, and it sure as hell doesn’t sound like any freedom.

We are already giving our government too much power, why do we keep filling up their  pockets? But you know what I think? I think, at the end of the day, it really isn’t up to us, the people, but up to the corporations, because the corporations slide money into the government’s pockets to get their bills passed,then, we, the consumers, add more money to the corporation’s pockets by paying for their services online. 

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 

After a decade long battle, the FCC adopted the strong Net Neutrality rules based on Title II of the Communication Act, which gave internet users very strong protection.

But now, Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai – a former Verizon lawyer – is running rapid to destroy Net Neutrality. Trump is a business man, Pai used to represent a huge phone company. Phone and cable companies have been attacking and filing suits ever since the Net Neutrality rules were adopted… See how it’s all connected?

Let that sink in. Do something about it!


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iPhone: Plus Size or X?!

I’m pretty sure I do these comparisons every year because I am most definitely an apple guy!

I am actually going to be getting a new phone soon, & of course I will be sticking with apple, but I struggle between the two new models that just dropped, so I figured we could make this a fun exercise were we go through to compare & contrast them together!

I am all about big phones. The first big model I got was clearly the 6 Plus, then I upgraded to the 6S Plus, which is why I am only looking at the 8 Plus and the X models.

Looks wise, the iPhone X just takes my breath away. It’s literally all glass, but that’s also its downfall, it shatters so easily, as reports have said. Of course I would get the most fabulous phone case to put it in, but I’m also the kind of person who likes to take it out every now & then just to enjoy it in its natural form, so this could be very concerning for me.

iPhone X & The 8/8 Plus models

Another cool thing about the X model is that it has a 5.8” super retina HD display screen, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus model only has a .5” retina HD display screen. What is the difference? There is no home button on the X model!

But for the 8 Plus model, it’s actually larger than the X model. The 8P is 6.24” by 3.07” whereas the X model is 5.65” by 2.79”. So the 8P model is winning in that department.

iPhone X

The X model only comes in two colors at this time: Silver & space grey. I’m not a fan. I’ve had a white & gold phone ever since I switched to apple. The 8P comes in silver, space grey, & gold. Again, the 8P is winning.

Both models are installed with 12MP wide angle and telephoto cameras, along with the dual optical image stabilization, so no matter which route I take, my selfie game will still be strong! But there is a difference in terms of the front facing cameras. For the X model, it’s a TrueDepth camera, & for the 8P, it’s just the FaceTime HD Camera. The front camera for the X also has portrait mode, lighting, and Animoji, whereas the 8P does not.

As far as the ID installments, the 8P model has the touch ID with passcode, but the X model has the Face ID with passcode… I’m not sure how I feel about the face recognition. I’m in the middle about it. It’s cool from a technology standpoint, but also very abrasive in the privacy department.

iPhone 8 Plus

I have been waiting for years with this one right here! Both models are equipped for wireless charging! My friend has Samsung, and his phone was equipped with this back in 2015, & I’ve been in love with it ever since. About damn time, Apple.

The capacity for both models only come in 64GB and 256GB, so either way, I’ll be getting a tremendous upgrade from my typical 16GB storage!

GAAAAH!! It really is hard to decide between the two! Which model sticks out the most to you guys?! Let me know!

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Gone Home: Console Edition

This one is for the gamers out there. This game is phenomenal!

The game “Gone Home” was originally a PC only game, but, to my knowledge, became a console edition not too long ago, and became available for free download via gold membership on the Xbox console.

Prior to seeing it on the free download screen, I’ve never heard of it before, so I figured I would download it and play, because the picture made it look as if it were a scary game, and we all know I love some horror.

I did not know, however, that it is literally a 15 minute game play. Very short for how amazing this game is, and kind of disappointing, because you’re left with wanting so much more.

The set up is kind of like “Slender: The Arrival”. You may not have played that game before, but if you follow my blog then you know about it because I wrote on it in the past. It has that eerie feel to it, and it’s first person, lights out, limited actions, but completely astounding.

So, given that it resembled the slender-man game, I was totally expecting some real horror. I was a little scared, I’m not even going to lie. There are even clues throughout the house about ghosts and paranormal activities, so for the third time, I was EXPECTING TO BE SCARED…

But it’s nothing like that. (SPOILER ALERT)

It’s about two sisters, one returning home from school and traveling, and the other, who has disappeared. The goal of the game is to search the entire house, which is quite large, for clues as to what happened.

With every key clue that you find, there is a special voice diaries attached. These voice diaries are of her sister, talking to her about what she’s going through, throughout the two year separation. It literally pulls at your heart strings.

And the music! The music is amazing in the game. It’s my second favorite thing about it.

But my first favorite, is the fact that her sister is gay! These stories that she tells her throughout the game, are of her coming out process and falling for one of her classmates, along with how their relationship blossoms and so forth. I won’t give it all away, in case someone out there decides to play it, but it’s truly remarkable and very worth the time to play!

The ending is so very sad, though! But I will also keep that to myself! Just make sure you check it out.

If you’re an Xbox gold member, it’s still free in the membership section of the store for 12 more days! Get it while you can! But even if it’s no longer available, it’s like 10 bucks, which isn’t bad. You get 1000 gamer score for completing all the achievements, and you probably put in about an hour total to collect them all. It’s definitely worthy of a few bucks.

I have seen people playing it on PlayStation as well, so if you’re a PSN player, you can check it out. I just don’t carry any information at this time for PS because I’m currently an Xbox owner only.

I’ll be getting a PlayStation this year though, so in the future, when I go gaming blogs, I’ll be able to broaden my information on the consoles!

If you have played this game, let me know what you think of it! I welcome it all! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

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Throwback Fantasy

I have been playing the very original final fantasy for three days now, and I absolutely love it.

This apposes to be a shock to even myself, as I was never really a final fantasy kind of gamer. I only like the 13th addition to the game, and it was because of the graphics.

But we have the NES, so I figured I would try it out, just to see how it was, and I've been playing it ever since.

I'm not very far into the game. I just made it to level 4 magic spells. But I kick some major butt with my team! I have the fighter, black belt, red and white mages. So my team is all in for the win.

I put some sentimental effort into them as well. For instance, Im the fighter, my brother is the black belt, my mother is the red mage, and my father is the white mage. So it's a family team setting out to make the world a better place! Corny? Sure, but filled with emotions? Hell yeah.

At first I really hated it, for the fact that the miss ratio is quite high. But, once you level your players up and obtain better weapons, the damaging effects get a lot better.

No lie, I'm like 10 hours into the game and I'm only at the second castle! Meaning, I'm preparing to fight Dracula, for all of you final fantasy players, you know where I'm at. But you almost have to put so much time into it, because it's not that easy collecting thousands of coins to get all the items you need! Level 4 items are 4000 coins! Depending on what you battle, you can bring in anything from 30g to 300g.

I must say though, that I have fallen for the game. I wouldn't say that I'm going to set out and play all 15 additions, but I'm going to enjoy my time beating the original.

That's what I love about the NES, all the original classics are there and I have tried many of them already.

I've beat the very first Zelda, super Mario 3, Dr. Mario, while working on Kirby, being on the final level of StarTropics, and now final fantasy. I've also played around with Donkey Kong, which is another favorite of mine.

What kind of games do you enjoy? Let me know below!

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The Jurassic World of LEGO

I want to start off by apologizing to my followers for not posting in a while. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my YouTube channel, so be sure to go check that out! I’ve also recently came down with the flu, & we all know how that goes. 

I also want to say that I see people check my website site daily, and I am so gracious and thankful for you all! Much love to you all! 

But I want to take this time to talk about this amazing Xbox One game, LEGO Jurassic World… Yes, I am a 25 year old who plays Lego games. I grew up playing with them in real life & now I play with them virtually, if you have a problem, them get at me.

Anyway, this is not the first Lego game I’ve played. When I was 16 years old, my cousin had the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, & as I watched him play, I fell in love. So, obviously I went out and bought a copy, ha-ha. Yes, I progressed from there. I then went to the Batman saga, as well as the Harry Potter saga & the Lego Marvel Super Heroes, & now I’m at Jurassic Park!

If you’re a fan of the movies like I am, then you will not be disappointed in the game. The games covers all four films, not skipping a beat or missing a tune. That’s what I love about Tt Games, which is the creator of the Lego games, they make sure to cover every detail, from beginning to end.

Jurassic Park is a lot like Marvel Super Heroes, in the sense that it is all free roam, so you can travel between the four islands and explore everything around. You even get to play as the damn dinosaurs! Do you understand how hard my childhood came out of me? I was jumping with excitement as I unlocked the t-Rex! It is truly an amazing experience. The whole time I was playing the game, I was like, “yes! YES! That’s in the movie!” When I tell you that they don’t skip a beat, I’m telling you even the voices of the main characters are the same as the Hollywood actors from the films. The creators have really knocked my socks off with this one.

Let me really break it down for you on how awesome these games really are. I had the Star wars: TCS for Xbox 360, but I got rid of it when I got the Xbox one. So, when I saw that they had it for free for the Xbox subscription, I re-downloaded it, & of course, I had to do everything over. My dad watched me play it, and he legit fell in love. He would not leave my side when I played the game, ha-ha.

So we were at a GameStop the other day, and he said “you should get another Lego game, I like those.” I know right, cute as hell, my grown ass daddy is now hooked. I wasn’t going to argue! I picked up the Jurassic World, since I’ve wanted this game since it dropped, & again, this man will sit here and literally tell me what to do, all the while he refuses to play because he’s not a gamer. But, the point is, these Lego games are no joke! And for some reason, I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but every time I play a Lego game, it makes me want to watch the movies!

There are many great perks to this game, it takes some good effort and time, which to me is always worth the money because I usually beat a game within three days of purchasing it. But this one has work cut out for me. On the plus side of this purchase, it only cost me $15 bucks, when the original price of it was $30. I had a steal deal! It was truly meant to be.

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The Galaxy Note 8 Is Everything Sexy! 

Everyone knows about Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ which seem to be on their way of becoming a smash hit. The record shows that the S8 models already out sold the S7 models pre-orders by 30%, and the S7 models were Samsung’s best selling phones ever. 

The S8 models have an infinity display, which Samsung introduced with these models, which also include thin bezels and no home button! How neat. It’s almost completely touch screen now… like, step up your game apple, I’m struggling here! 

I think this will make many of my friends happy because they’re all Samsung owners. I’m pretty much the outcast with my iPhone 6S plus. 😒😂

If you have picked up one of the S8 models, then you hold the most stunning and the strongest smartphone of time, there’s almost nothing that you could want more.. 

Except for the Note 8! 

The new Note model will be dropping in the second half of this year. And if it’s everything the critics are saying, then the Galaxy owners and iPhone owners alike will all be jealous! iPhone users will be especially jealous due to the fact that Apple only releases once a year. Whereas Samsung keeps people on their toes throughout the year, releasing new additions to their multiple lines. 

Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully, a graphic designer worked in partnership with DBS Designing, stated that the Note 8 should feature a huge 6.4-inch QHD+ display and a screen-to-body ratio that’s even better than the 83% ratio on the Galaxy S8. Other expected specs include 6GB of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of storage, microSDXC support, a new dual-lens rear camera setup, an iris scanner, and a huge 4,000 mAh battery that hopefully doesn’t explode.
Now, of course these are just concepts on what we think the phone will look like, but it’s not for certain what Samsung plans on doing, as it won’t be confirmed for a few more months. But the details provided alone make me want to leave Apple! A nice size battery with dual lenses and a great amount of memory?! Who would turn that down? Even Apple offers low amounts of memory, like, wtf? 😂 

I assume the Samsung Note 8 and the new Apple models will be dropping around the same time, so if Apple can’t get it together then you all just might see this Apple owner switch up the lifestyle and go Samsung! 

Do you think it’s everything we hope for? Would it be worth the switch or upgrade? Let me know below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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Thunder Over Louisville 2017

You all know this one is going to be special to me, because this is my hometown. 

Today marks the day of the yearly Thunder Over Louisville! I’m so sad that I Will be missing it two years in a row! The firework show turns 27 this year! 

Some of you all may be asking yourself “what the hell is thunder over Louisville?” Well, I have the answers to that! Thunder Over Louisville is an event that takes part in the Kentucky derby. It’s started at 2:30 this afternoon, and will end around 10 tonight. During the day you are deafened by fascinating air shows and at night, usually around 9-9:30, the city is lit up on the Ohio river due to amazing firework displays. There’s also great music, delicious “fair style” foods, beers, bands, rides, and literally thousands of people on both the Kentucky side and the Indiana side. It basically kicks off the start of the Derby, since it’s a two week celebration. This year marks the 143rd Derby, so it’s kind of a big deal! 😜😉

Celebrities even come to town to enjoy the festivities that the Kentucky Derby brings to the lovely city of Louisville. We have thunder Over Louisville, the Pegasus Parade, the Steamboat Race, the Balloon Glow and Balloon Race, along with the Derby itself, and so much more. It’s literally the most expensive and most extravagant festival we hold in Louisville. 

You definitely want to get your hands on a Pegasus pin, because that gets you into all of the event special locations with no charge. For example, with a Pegasus pin in hand, you gain access to the great lawn on the riverfront, which is one of the best places to be during the show. 

I’m going to compare Thunder Over Louisville to Mardu Gras, only for the fact that you have such a gargantuan crowd of drunk people trying to get around and enjoy themselves! 😂 

There are a couple of downfalls, first being the weather if you’re not prepared. It can be very chilly on the riverfront, so a jacket and blanket are always recommended. Secondly, the bathroom situation! We’ve all used porter potties before, but the line to get into one can be very annoying, especially if you need to go asap. You’d be better off renting a location in one of the skyscrapers for a more convenient bathroom situation if you’re one of the frequent “goers.” Thirdly, TRAFFIC! Oh my lanta! Traffic is one of the worst things to deal with during thunder. It usually takes all of 3 hours to get home, depending on where you’re staying. Lastly, reception. Don’t think you’re going to go down there and have signal to be all over social media and making phone calls, because you won’t. The crowd gets so big that the towers literally get over powered. So save those intense moments for when you have a bar or two, because I guarantee they won’t last long! 

It’s worth it though. It’s a beautiful experience that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing with my family and friends over the years. There really is no other festival like it. 

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The Unicorn Frappuccino Believers!

Do you enjoy a nice cup of coffee? Do you believe in Unicorns? If you answered yes to both of those questions, this drink just might be for you! Let’s hop right into my experience with it!

This new, limited edition of a frappuccino, offered by Starbucks has taken the nation by storm. The image shown above is their newest item, the Unicorn frappuccino. It is literally the most amazing thing a believer could hope for.

I made sure to get my hands on one, because I have no problem spending money on and tasting anything with the word unicorn in it. What can I say, I’m a true believer!

The drink is very popular, as I had to search multiple locations before I finally came across one that still had the ingredients in stock. That’s right, not every location is selling the product, and the ones that are, are selling out quickly.

I traveled 5 miles just to get my hands on one, and within the 20 minutes of me being inside the establishment, roughly 15 were sold. Grown men were drinking them, women, children, all walks of life! because lets face it, we all need some unicorn in our life at least once.

The drink is very beautiful, its a true work of art. You have the blue syrup  wrapped around the cup, with the pink drink added in the middle. Then they throw on the whipped cream and dash some pink and blue sprinkles on top. Once you mix it all together, it turns into a lovely shade of purple, but sadly, there is no rainbow action, as some may have expected (like myself).

They are not lying when they say the drink is SOUR! I enjoy sour things, I have my entire childhood. I was raised on shock tarts, warheads, sour gummies, etc. So I was ready, or, so I thought! That drink had my face all the way contorted. But it was so worth it. So if you cannot handle extremely sour things, then you should probably stick to your venti mocha.

One thing I would like to discuss is the nutritional facts. I find it quite comical that people are literally bashing the drink for not being healthy. Please look at the picture and tell me if this cotton candy looking drink has healthy written on it at all? People who even consider it to be part of the healthy food pyramid just make me quiver. IQ levels these days.

There are 76 grams of sugar in a 24 oz. which can be expected, since its literally made out of sugar. There are also 12 grams of fat. This drink is equivalent to three snickers bars. Now answer me this, who has not eaten 3 snickers bars before? Really, suck it up. Don’t drink it if you don’t want it, but don’t knock others down just because it’s not your cup of tea… or frappuccino.

It does however, have 15% of vitamin A & 25% calcium. It also has 7 grams of protein. So take some good with the bad. Also, keep in mind, this is for a large. I only saw one person purchase a large frappuccino. Most consumers got a medium, along with myself.

My experience with it was amazing, and I got it all on camera! Check out the video below, and tell if you’re going to become a believer and try it out for yourself!

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The 13 Reasons Why… 

You may have heard abou the new Netflix original series 13 Reasons why, since it’s been the talk of all social media outlets since it’s premier on March 31st. I have many points to this topic, so I’m going to try and make it as organized as possible, just bare with me. 

First, a summary of the show’s first season.. we kick off with the suicide of a high school sophomore named Hannah Baker, who, upon her death, made 13 cassette tapes, referring to the 13 people who helped “aid” in her suicidal death, whether it was by bullying, raping, or not doing enough to save her from her depression. Each episode focuses on a cassette; 13 suspects, 13 cassettes, 13 episodes. 

I will say that this show is very intense, so if you can’t handle watching explicit scenes or rape and suicide, then this show probably isn’t for you. 

The description of the story are spot on, if I do say so myself. It understands and defines the levels of tearing someone a part, starting with the breaking of ones heart, to destroying ones reputation, onto breaking of ones spirit, ending with breaking ones soul, which results in ending ones life. 

There has been so much negative speculation on the show, by people saying that it’s over dramatized and highly inaccurate. Speculation has also been made saying that it highly fantasizes the outcome of someone committing suicide. Well, here is why I call absolute bullshit on that:

  1. Many shows often have at least ONE episode that fantasizes suicide where a character will “die” to see the outcome of how the lives of others are effected, and yet everyone on this planet doesn’t bat an eye. 
  2. How in the hell can one overly dramatize something as real life as this? 
  3. Suicide: can someone explain to me how one is supposed to react when suicidal? I mean I just don’t think people really pay attention to real life anymore. Robin Williams is a perfect example. He gave off the persona that he was as happy as anyone could possibly be, yet fought depression so bad that he couldn’t deal with it anymore and took his own life. 
  4. Rape: please, don’t even start with me. The first rape victim became an alcoholic and drug user because of it. Which, if you look at real life statistics, I’d say that’s pretty spot on. As for the other rape victim? Well, that was the tipping point for her suicide. 
  5. Name calling and fabrication: 1 in 3 people are called something derogatory, and fabricated upon, ESPECIALLY while in grade school. I know that better than anyone else. I was the gay queer that had a crush on every single guy in the neighborhood, just because I was openly gay. Shit talking is the number one thing that lives in those adolescent years. Even adults do it, the workplace is full of it. Hence the saying “this is so high school”. 
  6. Being sexualized: seriously? This was over dramatized? Our entire nation is based upon men and women being attractive and sexually appealing. That’s why blonde hair and blue eyes are a thing, because that’s what America wants. It’s all over our magazines, newspapers and even our televisions. 

I have never seen something focus on the very structure of suicide, and get it so nearly spot on. I say nearly, for the fact that depression comes in many different shapes and sizes. Someone can be depressed by life changing circumstances, while the other could be depressed due to grief or medical conditions. So, depression in this series is loosely explored and defined, but it gives us a better idea and understanding: you really don’t know what someone is going through. 

Now, I will not lie, this show did piss me off, very much. In the show, everyone wanted to keep it a secret, per Hannah’s request. But this grew more and more unbearable for her lover, Clay Jensen. He wanted so bad to just out everybody, and grew the courage to try do to so, very often, but every time, someone would tell him no, and he would basically be like “ok”, which is stupid, because in real life, anyone would turn in the evidence to get the story out there, or at least I would. 

I was also perturbed when all of the suspects, who were undoubtedly guilty, would constantly blame the dead girl. Yeah, it’s so easy to blame someone who is no longer breathing right? This more or less bothered me because it reminds of the real world. On the news today you can hear people say “well, if she wasn’t wearing a skirt or wearing a tank top then she wouldn’t have been raped,” or something along the line of “boys will be boys.” But don’t let it fool you, this even happens in the show! At the end, the counselor tells Hannah to “just move on” when she’s opening up about being raped. I know it’s just a show, but I literally wanted to jump through my television and beat his face myself. 

Which leads me to my next point. 

This show covers so much real life in today’s perspective that it’s not even funny. You have two gay fathers raising an adopted daughter, you have a meth head mother who chooses her abusive boyfriend over her son, you have the perfect rich kid who can buy his way out of everything, you have the kid who has a cop for a parent and therefore is untouched, you have lesbian as well as gay couples. You have the family owned business being overtaken by the big corporation. There is even a point in the show where they point out the hatred battles going on in the world. It graphs out what really goes on the the world today, and it’s so realistic, and I think that’s what really gets under people’s skin. 

What really want to know is how they got the “suicide” wrong? So many speculators say it’s not accurate. But how? Because she cut her wrists the right way? Or was it because her reasonings don’t add up to their standards? Or maybe it was the fact that people believe they’re (suicidals) going to do what they want so why bother trying? These are questions that I will probably never get the answer to. But I think this show is a great view, and I feel that it can be very educational. I know we are imperfect beings, but at some point, somewhere, we gotta see a change. Parents rather raise their kids being mean, vicious, murderers, instead of raising them with love, compassion and understanding. 

I’m not asking you to agree with me. But I’m asking you to take a look for yourself. I’d rather do my best to help someone, than to go on while they continue to suffer. Don’t be like the kids

I will advise another warning though, if you do watch the show. The rape and suicide scenes are very real-like, and very intense. Proceed with caution. 

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A Year For Horror ! 

If you’re a horror fanatic like me, then you’ll really enjoy what’s to come from the fabulous horror genre in the film industry.

Let’s waste no time, and get straight to the points.

George Romero’s Day of the Dead

After 32 years, historical and classical horror producer and creator George Romero is remaking his 1985 zombie classic: Day of the Dead ! Romero has done an amazing job, continually feeding our zombie hearts with gruesome survival against the original zombie apocalypse. Soon, between 2017 and 2018, we will be revisiting the underground caves, as we witness the scientists try to survive the attack in the new millennium.

Annabelle 2

If you pay attention to trailers, then you have already seen the trailer for the sequel to Annabelle, which just dropped the other day! It looks just as eerie and scary as the first one. This time, we go to the beginning and get an understanding as to how the doll came to life!

Insidious: Chapter 4

This is my second favorite, next to Day of the Dead. The Insidious saga has always kept me at the edge of my seat! The first one, caused me to lose sleep for 3 days. Now that’s the kind of horror that I live for! I’m down for anything paranormal, for the fact that situations like that can always become real life. Halloween is going to be a treat this year!

Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott never fails to deliver. Scott did the original 1979 sci-fi film alien, as well as the cinematic prequel Prometheus. So I think it’s safe to say that everyone is anticipating the new sequel to Prometheus! I know I sure am, though I’m sad that iconic alien mother, Sigourney Weaver, won’t be returning to keep her role. But don’t let that stop you from seeing the film! Hitting theatres May 19th!


I have seen every Texas chainsaw massacre film in existence. Including the next generation with Matthew McConaughey. I’d have to say that my favorite film was the remake of the orginial, which starred Jessica Biel. This film especially has a place in my heart, due to the real life story behind the film. I’ll be purchasing my tickets ahead of time! Expected to drop any time between 2017 and 2018!

Stephen King’s IT

That’s right folks, it finally happened! They finally brought this classic back to life! The bar is set so high for this classic, but given what they show in the preview that just dropped last week, it’s safe to say that they’re going to do a good job of reaching that bar! Save the date! 09-08-17 !!!!

Scream 4: The End

I don’t think many people really enjoy the scream saga as they do the other films in the horror genre, but I’ve seen every single one since the first one came out in 1996. I will definitely be watching how the end plays out, and honestly, I’m sad it’s ending, because I’m sure that means Sidney has to die, but I’m reaching here!

Friday the 13th

Yes! Finally! I’ve been waiting so long for the next film to drop! Many people may be tired of them remaking the original boogeymen, such as Michael Myers – which will also be dropping within the year! – and Freddy Krueger, and of course Jason, but I grew up with these monsters and I will watch their progress until the end of time! Sadly, we have to wait until 2018 to see Jason’s story come back to life.

As you can see, these are just a few of my personal favorites, but the list goes on and on. They’re even making an eighth installment of Saw, a second installment of Mama, etc. these next couple of years are going to bring so much life to the horror fanatics!

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GOW 4 – Same Story, Different Design

I have been a fan of the Gears of War franchise since the first one dropped on the box 360, which dropped in November of 2006. The original creators and owners were epic games, which they held onto until 2013. Two years later, in 2015, The Coalition bought it, and just a month shy of 10 years, released Gears of War 4.

I was actually not aware of the ownership change when I got Gears 4; I thought it was all still owned by the same company. So, when I started playing and noticing all of these changes, I was like “Uh, what?”

If you’re a Gears player, then you know that the traditional battles are between the COG team and the Locust villains. But in Gears 4, you spend half of the time fighting robots, which is pretty cool, but completely different from what the Gears fans are accustomed to. Even the cast is different!

Instead of playing as Marcus himself, you get to play as his very handsome son! Ha-ha. Don’t worry though, you spend a lot of time with Marcus too, you just don’t play him. But I do love the father-son, side by side, ass kicking persona that the creators set up. There’s even a time when the old crew teams up with the new crew, but I won’t give that away!

Oh, another spoiler, you no longer level up your character when playing the campaign. You can now only level up while playing online.

We haven’t even gone over the online play! Horde 3.0 is quite intense, with up to five players in survival, with classes, skills, and fortifications. Now, when you play survival, you get coins for every enemy you kill, and must collect them to buy more supplies from the box. I said it was intense, but in all honesty, it seems a lot easier than the previous versions. I got through all 50 levels within an hour, maybe less.

But the money is wrapped up in versus. There are so many different match making games that you can play, that it’s truly unfathomable. It offers brutal 60 FPS action on dedicated servers and LAN.

At first I honestly hated it, because I had to start off at level one while playing against people at level 60 and up (I started my game late). But it worked out at the same time because the other players seemed to have taken it easy on me, ha-ha. But I got the hang of it quickly and I am now at an astounding level 22, and that’s for only playing online for a week.

It is definitely worth the buy though. I was not disappointed, especially with the campaign.

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Apple Releasing Red Models for HIV Awareness

I have loved Apple for many years and for many reasons. But this one just tops it all off! 

Friday, march 24th, Apple will be releasing the new iPhone color, which will be the sixth color option when purchasing a model. They decided on the red concept due to their partnership with the RED campaign, which helps raise awareness as well as profit for HIV/AIDS. 

Due to the 11 year partnership between Apple and the RED campaign, Apple will be releasing a red iPod nano as well as the red iPhone 7 models. (Damn! I have a 6S plus) but we cannot deny that they have carried on this legacy during the whole decade. Back in 2006, Apple released a special edition red iPod, then they dropped the red beats headphones, and even the red smart battery cases. 

If you want to get your hands on the new phone, you can purchase it online Friday, or pick one up in a retail store next week. You’ll be stylish and supporting a fantastic cause! 

According to Apple, any and every purchase of the Red models will contribute to the global fund to support HIV/AIDS programs. 

Releasing the red iPhone was a “nice recognition of our partnership with the (RED) team in fighting HIV and AIDs,” said Apple’s VP of marketing, Greg Joswiak.

The red iPhone 7 will cost at least $749. According to Mashable, the red iPhone 7 Plus will come in 128 GB and 256 GB configurations and set you back $749 and $849, respectively, while the 7 Plus will set you back $869 and $969 for the same configurations.

It must also be known that these will be limited! Grab a limited edition red model while you can!