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A Transgender’s Horrid High School Story

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to a story about a transgender man names Casey Hoke, who went through some horrid harassment during his time at DuPont Manual High School, right here in the heart of Louisville Metro.

He was a senior back in 2015 when his principal, Jerry Mayes, saw him coming out of the men’s bathroom, confronted him, and began questioning him about things that were honestly none of the principals business!

The article is gut wrenching, if I do say so myself. I instantly became full of anger. First of all, if you see a ‘problem’ with a student, you take it up with the students parents, you don’t take matters into your own hands and begin questioning things in their personal life, I don’t care how old the student is.

But it doesn’t stop there. He did more than ask the student what procedures he’s had on his genitalia, — yeah you heard me correctly, he asked those kinds of questions— he also had multiple meetings with his teachers regarding the subject, even though they were already aware of Casey’s situation, due to the fact that an article about his story was posted in the school board a couple of years prior.

When asked by Casey, why any of this would concern him, all he was able to mumble out was “if I get into trouble because of you…”

excuse my French, but how fucking disgusting are we trying to be in the year 2017? Or even 2015??? Plus, if everyone literally knew about it since his freshman year and hasn’t complained, then where would the problem be? Besides in your own small minded brain? …

Anyways, In this article, you will also see that the principal also called teachers “cute” little pet names, even after they asked him not to, which made said teachers feel very uncomfortable. And let’s not even dig into the fact that he strongly opposed Manual’s Black Student Union & Gay Straight Transgender Alliance, but made sure to take full credit for.

If you ask me, I think this so called principal should be let go. He overstepped many boundaries within a single year of holding his position. He doesn’t deserve the title. He clearly has some issues he needs to work out before taking on such a big responsibility of making sure a building full of students and teachers are all well taken care of.

I’m very happy to help spread Casey’s word and to help bring light to the situations we face here in Louisville.

I had my own incidents in middle and high school, so I know it’s bigger than one school or one person. Time for Louisville to step into the new millennium.


The Greyhound Experience

I would like to take some time out to talk about my experience riding the greyhound for the very first time.

My dad and I had to return to Jersey for a short time to get our place in order. We were going to fly, but due to the fact that it was last minute, our plane tickets would’ve ran us at $800+ a ticket, which was a definite no for us. We checked out the bus fare, and it was only $350 for both round trip tickets, way cheaper by all means, also, I love riding or cruising, because I love seeing the country for what it is, so we went with the obvious winner.

Now, the fun stuff. We left around 6pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Within 10 minutes of being in the Louisville station, this homeless man got up in these young girls’ faces and started screaming at them, begging for money because they didn’t understand full English. During this process, me and this random guy made eye contact, he stood up and took his shirt off while I grabbed my pepper spray… Yeah, we thought it was going to go down. The homeless guy began to back up, walked over to another guy, asked him for his soda, got rejected, and left the station.

We’re off to a good start, aren’t we?

Cut to our 12 hour bus ride to Cleveland, Ohio where we had to wait for 2 hours for our next bus that took us to Newark. Up to his point, I was sitting with my dad, so even though the bus is uncomfortable, it was a little more comfortable sitting with him. But when we had our transfer in Cleveland, we got separated due to being previously crowded. So I had to sit next to this guy, who constantly overtook his seat, as well as part of mine. I was NOT happy. But my dad was next to me, just across the aisle, so it wasn’t completely terrible. 8 hours later we finally made it to Newark, New Jersey. The bus ride there took 19 hours, mind you, by car, it only takes 12! I was tired as all get out!

But the real fun is all in our returning trip, so strap in, because here we go.

Our departing trip back to Louisville began at 6 pm as well. We departed from Pennsylvania Station, which we’ve never been in. We literally traveled up three flights of stairs with 5 things of luggage, walked through the entire station, before realizing that the area we needed was right where we entered the first time… Oh boy, perfect start yet again.

Thankfully, we were first in line for our bus, so we were able to sit together, which eased my anxiety. I will go ahead and mention now that we rode side by side during this entire trip back to Louisville.

Now, we were supposed to reach Cleveland at 4 am, with a two hour wait, meaning our next bus was departing at 6 am. But, the worst damn thing happened during our trip. We were literally in dead, stand still traffic on the Pennsylvania highway, for literally two damn hours. We didn’t reach Cleveland until 6:30 am. Yep, we missed our bus. The next bus to Louisville wasn’t due until 2:30 in the damn afternoon! I was so not happy. But my dad and I made the best of it, because we took the time to go and explore Cleveland, which is a very pretty and innovative city. But that will be in a YouTube video so I won’t disclose those details just yet. But the best part of Cleveland was, as soon as we landed, dad went in line to get our tickets revised, and during the time, my ass went outside to smoke. From the 5 seconds it took me to walk out those doors, 4 people walked up to me and asked for money. I’m not lying when I tell you all that two of them were hookers, and the man was just released from prison. I had no time or patience. But the ex-prisoner was very respectful, which was relieving.

Our bus finally arrived and we had a nice, chill ride to Cincinnati. Along the way, we met these lovely and hysterically funny New York women. We literally sat in front of them, so our time was smoothed out with great conversation.

When we got to Cincinnati, we had another 2 hour wait, which I was so not happy about because we got to Cincinnati at 7 pm, which is 6 hours later than the time we were originally supposed to be in Louisville – our original bus, that we missed due to Pennsylvania traffic, would’ve had us in Louisville at 1 pm, but the new bus was scheduled to have us there at 11 pm – but during our two hour wait, we had three more people come up and beg for money. I ignored every single one, because again, I was not in the mood. We stayed with the New York ladies because we all just clicked so well. We were filling each other in on our personal lives and what not, and I even know where they live in New York, so we plan on visiting when we return!

The time ticked away, and we finally got on our bus. I’m not sure how I feel about the bus driver… This older man, who was clearly special, in the most respectful way, was trying to get to his location, and the bus driver just kind of shunned him away. But our bus was indeed our bus. So when we took off, literally 2 minutes from the station, the older gentleman was telling the driver that his luggage isn’t on the bus. No joke, the driver pulled over, kicked the guy off the bus, and told him he couldn’t get back on. This literally tore my heart. The gentleman had to walk back to the compound in the dead of night.

I was giddy from here on out, because I know the route of Cincinnati to Louisville like the back of my hand. So I was able to reminisce during the final parts of our trip.

We hit Louisville a little after midnight, just 28 hours after we left Jersey, and I ran as fast as I could out of those Louisville station doors!

It’s safe to say that, I do not plan on returning to any greyhound station again.


SLS Spring Gala: An Elegant Moment

When I found out that I would be attending an event, I never thought it would be a Gala. 

Sure, I knew it would be something a little extravagant since it cost 100 dollars to get in the door, but I thought it was just a regular charity event… I had no idea what I was walking into! 

I made sure to dress to impress of course, because I always want to look nice and presentable when I attend anything. I’m just thankful that my father rummaged through my closet to dress nice too! Ha-ha. Because we would’ve both been a little embarrassed had we shown up in just jeans & a t-shirt. 

The Gala was held at the seasons catering and special events, located in the Washington Township of NewJersey. The YouTube video that I made will be linked to the bottom. 

This was St. Leo’s School’s first annual Gala, and I am so honored at the fact that I was able to attend. 

The festive occasion was to acknowledge and honor two of the parishioners. One played a vital role in the school and selflessly shared a lot of his time to help keep the school going, especially in the sports program. This man is Kenny Adamo, who we honored in memory as well, since he passed away. He did a lot for the school and left many unforgettable memories behind. 

The other man we honored was Mr. Thomas Conboy, whose dedication & service to the school cannot be overlooked. Throughout the years Conboy worked hard to keep sports program going as well as maintaining the gymnasium, and most importantly raising the funds for the school particularly in the 2017 Spring Gala. 

I’m very pleased to announce that the Gala was able to bring in proceeds of over 50 thousand dollars, which will help the school tremendously. 

We had just about everything you could think of! Fine foods, open bars, sweet wine, great music, beautiful scenery & great people. Let me just say, it was the first time I had fried calamari, and I FREAKING loved it!

It lasted for about 3 hours, and it was an amazing time. I would’ve stayed forever if it were allowed. I smiled for hours after leaving the event, & I had a blast explaining everything to my mother, who was quite jealous because she has never attended a Gala neither, ha-ha! 

It was my first Gala, along with my fathers. So it was a great first time experience for both of us. That’s definitely something that is going to go down in the memory book. 💙



Do the Cookie Dö

Cookie Dö, inc. opened their raw doors on January 25th of this year. The hype was real with this concession of raw treats. If you’re a cookie dough lover, then this restaurant is the place to be! 

It took me four months to get in the door! We tried to get into the store back in March, but the line was so long, and the store was so packed. But thankfully, the lord was looking out for me yesterday! 

Cookie Dö treats, NYC 2017

We arrived to the New York location around 1:30 pm and was in the building by 2 pm, so not a long wait time at all. The menu gives you a lot to choose from. You can get specialty dough in a cup, or you can get it between two sandwiches, literally like a sandwich – hold the cheese please. 

I chose the sugar cookie dough, because it looked so damn beautiful, but it was a hard choice! I was stuck between the peanut butter, confetti, and birthday cake dough. My father chose the TwixMix, which is literally cookie dough full of Twix pieces! 

Cookie Dö Menu, NYC 2017

Here, you can see a few of the selections that they offer. You can see why it’s a struggle to decide, but it’s well worth the choice and the wait. It’s very delicious and also very sweet! Neither one of us could finish our treats, and we got smalls-which is only a single scoop of dough, which only costs four dollars. But it’s a good thing because you’re able to bring it home and eat on it later! 

The people are also very nice, fun & energetic! A very lively place to be.

Here is my video of the adventure! Let me know what you think about it!


Hundredth Blog Special: My Parents 💙🌹❤️

This is a very special blog for me. Given that this is my hundredth post, I figured I’d focus on something really special and close to my heart, nothing other than my parents! 

The world is so focused on the negative in everything; people are more interested in tearing others apart. So let me take the time to show and gloat about how amazing my family truly is! 

Let me start off by saying that my parents are my everything. I will always be there for them, no matter what. They have my back, and I’ll always have theirs, that’s how it works. 

My mother is a truly remarkable woman. I literally haven’t met someone as strong as her. She has seen death so many times, through herself and through others, yet that woman still wakes up everyday, puts a smile on her face, and laughs life it’s nobody’s business. I envy that about her, because I could never go through the things she’s been through and be able to deal with it the way that she does. It truly is remarkable. 

She’s a fighter too. Like, I can’t even emphasize that enough. My mother had a horrible car accident in 1996, where she broke her leg, and ripped off her face. She was pronounced dead during the ambulance pick up THREE times, yet she kept coming back, because all she could think about is her two little boys. 

If you read my blog about my brother in the December archive, then you will understand that my mother also lost him to the lord. My mother lost her ability to walk, speak, and even had to suffer from losing her eldest son. Most people would probably just throw in the towel, especially at just 23 years old. But this woman, pulled through, for her kids. Even when the doctor told her she would never walk again, she simply gave a simple “f**k you”, and before two years passed, she was on her own two feet again. 

My beautiful mother, who you can see next to me in the photo, has the strongest will I’ve ever seen. Since the car accident, her health has always been playing with her. She’s had cancer upto 5 times-and I’m sure I’m probably down by a few; she’s had problems with her leg ever since, though it still does what it needs to do, and so did she. My mother even went right back to work the moment she could. She busted her ass every night to be able to support us, all of while being a single mother, might I add. 

I won’t put all of her business out here, this is enough to give you a glimpse of what my mother has been through. Even though she has been through hell and back, many times throughout her life, she still manages to wake up every day, smile, laugh, and love. I’m always proud to have her as my mother. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s always been my rock, my fighter, my cheerleader, my mom, and my friend. She has always managed to make sure I was taken care of, and still does to this day, even though I’m 25 now! 😂 but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just happy that now I can always return the favor for her, and help her out in any ways that I can, and I always will, because someone who has fought as long as she has, deserves for someone to take the weight off sometimes. I’m her number one cheerleader. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

My daddy is just as important to me. Even though he’s been in my life for four years, it feels like he’s been a part of my life from the beginning. He’s been the male support system that I have always lacked, in my life. We actually learn a lot from each other, since I’ve never had a real father role model, and he’s never had a child. He’s so supportive, like my mother, and he’s just as protective. 

My daddy has a very beautiful background. He spent most of his childhood in his home country, which is Honduras. While he was living there, he had to learn how to work and survive at a very early age. For those who don’t know much about countries outside of the wealthier known, you typically start working as soon as you can walk and talk. So, thanks to his such vast knowledge of the work force, he knows how to provide, save, and survive, even in the USA, because let’s face it, it’s a struggle to stay above water, no matter where you live. Another amazing thing about him is that, since he’s been in my life, my views and lifestyle has broadened. I’m all wrapped up in the Spanish cultures, foods, and language. 

I have a father that I can actually talk to, bond with, and love. That may seem weird to people on the outside, but I think it’s easy to comprehend since I literally went 21 years without a father figure. Yes, I’ve had male role models in my family, but that’s not the same as an actual father. It’s a truly amazing experience that I actually thought I wouldn’t grasp in life. I’m blessed, just like my beautiful mommy. I love you daddy!

But what really melts my heart, is the love that they share for one another. It’s the most remarkable and amazing thing I’ve ever seen. They have taught me so much about a real, honest, loving relationship. They work through any and all hardships, they’re also opposites, so in a way, they complete each other. It’s truly a beautiful site. 

I’m blessed to have them as my parents and I would never have it any other way. After all of the hardships we’ve all faced in our lives, we finally have peace and comfort in the bond we have as a family. I’ll love and defend them until the day I die. 

Make sure you always cherish your parents, and let them know how much you love them!

News & Politics

Government hypocrisy 

I see so many republicans and trump supporters complaining so much about the creation of Obama care, abortions, and the fact that they have to pay for them out of taxes. These are the same people who are okay with paying with border walls, inconvenient pipe lines, and the presidents consistent vacations. 

I find this to be quite funny. The fact that human beings can have absolutely zero compassion for other’s lives, yet have no problem paying money out for irrelevant things that the government could pay for out of their own pockets, with all the damn money each governmental official makes. 

People can judge and talk down to woman for having abortions, even when they don’t know the reasons behind it, and they don’t want to pay for it out their taxes. You really shouldn’t have any say about what the choices a mother has to make, but this especially matters when you don’t want to pay for it. Thanks to Donald Trump, abortions will soon be removed from the tax payers dollars, so I better see all of these people glue their damn mouths shut. 

As far as Obama care, or health care in general, people can be so deep into their piss poor feelings about so many taxes being taken out a month to help the nation as a whole. This is one of the most selfish and greediest nations in the world. It’s definitely safe to say that all these “religious” people won’t be to happy when the lord is having a conversation with them at the holy entrance, because a lot of this nation does NOT love thy neighbor. 

People spend to much time judging others, thinking that people are on government insurance because they’re lazy or drug users, etc. but does the majority of the people don’t know that drug users get free prescription drugs just to keep off the illegal drugs, while people who are genuinely sick, suffer constantly for the fact that they can’t afford their medication. 

Take the words from this Canadian very seriously.. 


But yes, let’s pay for Trump’s golf vacations, let’s pay for Melania Trump’s house, let’s pay for pipelines & border walls, but fuck the people who are suffering every day in this nation, right? Wake up America. One day the tables will be turned and you will wish people were there to help you like others need help today. 

LBGT Rainbows · Personal

‘Ze’ Is Taking Over 

As you can see, the LGBT community is working hard to make ‘Ze’ the new gender neutral pronoun the new adoption for he or she. 

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I am part of the LGBT community, and I feel like there is only he and she. I do understand that there are people out there who feel like they’re trapped in the wrong body. I get it. But if you feel that way, then take the steps you need to take to get yourself in your comfortable body. I don’t feel like changing pronouns is going to fix any situations, but instead just complicate things. 

I may piss off my fellow LGBT family by saying this, but I really think this is just going to far. This is just going to lead to more bad outcomes than good, in my eyes. 

So now every person on the planet can be like nah I feel like a woman, so let me walk into the women’s bathroom and play with these women. 

I feel like a woman so I can go into the women’s changing room and get naked around these naked women and that’s ok bc I feel like a woman. 

We have to draw the line somewhere. Let the gender neutral pronoun be just that. 

I understand we all want our equal rights. But let’s make one step at a time. As a gay man, we still have a lot of equality issues to fight for. As well as the other categories of the LGBT. 

I’m in fear that if we keep pushing these barriers, they’re only going to end up backfiring at the end of the day.  


Hope Lives On 

I made this collage due to the fact that this January is the hardest of them all. My brother’s anniversary of death just passed, we’re at 21 years now. He passed on the same day as my best friend’s birthday, who passed away two years ago. This also marks two months since I lost my baby boy, who I had since he was just a kitten. He was 16 years old. 

With that, I found this beautiful art that I’d like to share with you all… 

“Despite of what’s been lost or what’s been gained, we are living proof that love remains.” Quoted by Collin Raye in his song, ‘love remains.” 

Personal · Product Living

Throwback Thursday: Letters vs Texting

Do you remember back in the day when you’d spend so much time into writing letters to your friends? Do you remember adding your own style, technique, and even adding some art to them? Do you remember the excitement you felt when you received letters back?! Well, look at a few of mine! 

I have a box full of notes and letters from my middle and high schools days. Being a ’90s baby, we grew up in the middle of letters and texts. But back then, you had them texting limits and rates. Texts were not free until after a certain time, haha. Back then, in school, we took the time to write letters, and make them special. Outside of school we put even more effort into our letters, as we had more time to do so. The only internet we had to talk to each other was that instant message lifestyle on our dialup broadband computers! 

Now I will admit, I use my phone a lot now, if it’s not my phone, then it’s my tablet or my laptop. But I also continue to write, because writing is something I love to do.

But this does not happen for everyone, especially with this new generation l. In this day and age people are glued to their phones. People communicate through technology. Rather it be Instagram, Facebook messenger, twitter, or just a standard text. There’s no style, no self art, just plain text with an emoji here and there. Now I will say that, there are applications that allow you to add art and designs to make it “look and feel” more special, but the difference is, you pay for it, slap it on the text somewhere and call it a day. 

Back in my day, like I stated earlier, we took the time and did our own art. Now that’s Truly special, and the only thing you paid for it was with time and effort. 

The average person sends anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 messages a month… but how many letters have you received from a loved one or a friend in the past year alone? 

The main problem with the change over, to me, is, in a text message, you can’t understand the person’s demeanor, feelings, or attitude. When you wrote a letter, there were ways to tell all of those things. It was so easy and simple to talk to one another, no matter the distance between the two. 

What are your thoughts?

do you miss those nice letters? Or do you just work with the texting and call it a day? 

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this personal throwback of mine! 

Be sure to comment your thoughts, and bit that like button! 

News & Politics

21 Week Pregnancy Diagram

In case you’re so mad about the “20 weeks abortion ban” than please check out this diagram. 

At 20 weeks, you’re child is 7 and a half inches long, which is the length of a banana. 

At 21 weeks you’re baby is big enough that it doesn’t need a zoomed in picture on the side. So again, think hard, before deciding in aborting and killing a 20 week old baby. 

I personally feel like the decision should be made by 9 weeks, which is a stretch for me, due to the fact that the diagram is very descriptive. 9 weeks is over TWO MONTHS to decide. That’s more than enough time, and I don’t want to hear any bs about “you can’t make a rash decision like that” because if that’s the case, then you clearly have feelings for the unborn child and should keep it. 2 months is long enough. 

I DO BELIEVE WOMEN HAVE A CHOICE, I do also believe however, that after a certain amount of time, it should be considered murder. If you don’t know how they abort fuller grown babies, then look it up, you’d jump right in line with me. It’s truly horrifying, disturbing and disgusting.  

It sickens me that animals can carry unborn babies which are protected by laws and have rights, but unborn human babies do not.