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A Transgender’s Horrid High School Story

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to a story about a transgender man names Casey Hoke, who went through some horrid harassment during his time at DuPont Manual High School, right here in the heart of Louisville Metro.

He was a senior back in 2015 when his principal, Jerry Mayes, saw him coming out of the men’s bathroom, confronted him, and began questioning him about things that were honestly none of the principals business!

The article is gut wrenching, if I do say so myself. I instantly became full of anger. First of all, if you see a ‘problem’ with a student, you take it up with the students parents, you don’t take matters into your own hands and begin questioning things in their personal life, I don’t care how old the student is.

But it doesn’t stop there. He did more than ask the student what procedures he’s had on his genitalia, — yeah you heard me correctly, he asked those kinds of questions— he also had multiple meetings with his teachers regarding the subject, even though they were already aware of Casey’s situation, due to the fact that an article about his story was posted in the school board a couple of years prior.

When asked by Casey, why any of this would concern him, all he was able to mumble out was “if I get into trouble because of you…”

excuse my French, but how fucking disgusting are we trying to be in the year 2017? Or even 2015??? Plus, if everyone literally knew about it since his freshman year and hasn’t complained, then where would the problem be? Besides in your own small minded brain? …

Anyways, In this article, you will also see that the principal also called teachers “cute” little pet names, even after they asked him not to, which made said teachers feel very uncomfortable. And let’s not even dig into the fact that he strongly opposed Manual’s Black Student Union & Gay Straight Transgender Alliance, but made sure to take full credit for.

If you ask me, I think this so called principal should be let go. He overstepped many boundaries within a single year of holding his position. He doesn’t deserve the title. He clearly has some issues he needs to work out before taking on such a big responsibility of making sure a building full of students and teachers are all well taken care of.

I’m very happy to help spread Casey’s word and to help bring light to the situations we face here in Louisville.

I had my own incidents in middle and high school, so I know it’s bigger than one school or one person. Time for Louisville to step into the new millennium.


Fabulous Birthday Momma!

Today marks the annual celebration of my mother’s life! She hates recognizing this day as her birthday because she’s getting older, but this woman doesn’t realize that she is still just ask pretty, beautiful, fabulous, & young!

January Dinner, 2017

She has been through so much in her life, and now that she is finally able to enjoy herself in a healthy state, she needs to do just that! She is such a strong, independent, pure soul & I am so very happy, proud, & blessed to have her as my mother.

Cracker Barrel, 2014

The thing that I admire most about this woman, is her will to be herself, no matter how goofy, funny, wild, loud, or crazy it may be. She is always herself & it draws so many people to her. She is never afraid to express how she feels, no matter who you are! Haha.

Kentucky Visit, 2016

My mother is the type of woman that will do any & everything for you, even if you don’t ask her. She is such a caring person, she would literally give you the shirt off of her back if she felt that you needed it. She longs for her family and for love. She loves having connections with people. She’s actually a lot better than me; even if someone screws her over, she will forgive them and work on reconnecting with them, whereas I will cut them out of my life & keep it moving. She’s stronger in that aspect, because she can learn to forgive and move on. I strive to be like her when I grow up.


Mommy & Daddy, 2013


My mother was finally blessed by God when she met my daddy, & so was he. He is the most caring, loving, hard working man that I have ever met. He is her knight in shining armor, as well as mine. In a lot of ways, he healed our family; My mother got someone who actually loves and appreciates her, & I got a loving father who loves & accepts me unconditionally, & in return he got a family who loves & appreciates everything about him. Four years ago, our family circle became complete.


Family Clip, 2016

My mother deserves the best in life, she’s fought so hard for so long, its time that she got some more enjoyment out of life. She has many more decades to live through, & so many more unforgettable memories to make. A new chapter is beginning for her, as well as daddy & I. Soon enough we will be living our lives permanently in New Jersey, & she will be surrounded by her loving family, where we will laugh, go crazy, see new parts of the world, and burry our new house with our love.

PS! I WANT TO LET IT BE KNOWN THAT MY MOTHER HAS ALSO BEEN SMOKE FREE FOR 2 MONTHS NOW! After many years of fighting the disease, she finally put them down one night and never picked one up again. Like I’ve stated, this is one strong woman! CONGRATULATIONS MOMMA! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!

Everyone send my lovely mother some birthday love today!!




A Weekend With The Boys

It has officially been a week since I’ve been in Louisville, & it has been one hell of a busy week, let me tell you! But its been very nice. I’ve traveled around parts of the town and have seen the changes that have taken over the one of a kind Derby City. I haven’t done much yet, for the fact that since I’ve been in town, there has been responsibilities that had to be taken care of.

But I’m here to talk about my weekend. My Saturday was supposed to be spent with my two great friends, Jacye & Maggie, for their bridal shower since they’re getting married in less than a month! Congratulations to the soon to be married couple!

But sadly, our car broke down Friday evening. I went out to run some errands and the brake lines busted, so I didn’t have any brakes, which scared the living crap out of me, honestly!

So, my uncle, being the most unique mechanic that I’ve ever seen, came over the following morning and began going to work on it. I even stayed by his side for the entire 9 hour work process and help him as much as I could, I even kept him in good company, with great conversation and good music. We spent a total of 12 hours together, due to our intense conversations. I felt so bad, for the fact that I had to miss my friend’s bridal shower, and my uncle missed his friend’s UFC event, but I honestly feel like it was all in God’s plan for us to have that bonding moment together. It was also a great thing to work with him, because I was able to learn more about what to do on a car when something goes wrong. For once in my life, my hands got dirty! Ha-ha.

But that’s not all of it. Sunday was also a fun filled day with my other uncle. Sunday around noon, I realized that there was something wrong with my bicycle, & my other uncle, being the greatest handy man I know, said I could bring it over so he could take a look at it. We spent a good 3 hours working on it, because there was something wrong with the front gears. It was another amazing day, because I was also hands on with him, learning the tools of the trade, to make sure I can keep a future upkeep on my bike. I felt like absolute caca with him as well because he was supposed to work on his car that day, but instead he dedicated his time to helping me trying to solve my problem. Again, my hands got dirty, and I actually like it! I could used to the dirty business.

It was a great weekend, to get dirty with the guys, and to gain the knowledge that I gained. It’s going to come in handy when I’m in New Jersey by myself and won’t have them around to keep everything together for me, ha-ha.

But the best part of it all was spending the quality time with each other, & being able to have that one on one time. I also like to look at it in the way that my father has done a good job in teaching me to handle responsibilities and make sure everything is taken care of. Everything played out the way it was supposed too. I just hope I don’t have to do anymore mechanical type work for a while! Ha-ha.

How was your weekend? Was it as fun and enjoyable as mine?


A Year In Garfield 

It’s really hard to believe that in less then a month, it will be a year that I’ve lived in Garfield. I’ll never forget when walked up those steps for the first time. 

Plauderville Train Station, NJ 2017

My father and I did our last shift in Jersey City, hopped on a train – which was my first experience on the NJ transit trains – and rode it throughout the NJ plains. It was late at night, so I didn’t get to see much. It’s actually a little frustrating because now we know of the Garfield stop, which is fairly closer to our house compared to the Plauderville stop. But it was still nice, because it was late, dark, peaceful, and breezy. That was the first and last time I used the Plauderville station, but it still holds a great place in my heart. 

Russian Orthodox Church, NJ 2017

The very first time I saw this church, it was that first night that we moved here, it was lit up and so beautiful. I instantly fell in love with this church, based on the architecture alone. Churches do something to me, I always get mesmerized by the structures. Anyway, I make it a point to pass this church every day, so I can admire the beauty. 

Veterans of Foreign Wars, NJ 2017

In October of last year, my father and I ventured over to the Veterans of Foreign Wars building for a charity event. We paid money for some good food and treats, and got to see one of the funniest stand up comedy shows ever. We were surrounded by all of the politicians of Garfield. I even met this older lady while waiting at the bar, and we instantly clicked! I told her I was from the south and she told me she was from the Bronx. We laughed and had a good time while we waited for our refills. I’ll never forget that lady. It was an all out amazing experience. 

Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, NJ 2016

These are two items that I purchased during the Mt. Virgin Fair. It’s an amazing experience for the fact that it’s like, literally right outside of our place. The whole street gets blocked off and they fill it with rides, games, and good “fair-like” foods. Just like the VFW, all money goes to charity. So it was money well spent. It lasts from 2pm-10pm, and goes on for 2 weeks. The hype is real when they’re set up! I’m actually excited for it to return this year. Fried Oreos… you haven’t lived until you’ve had them! 

Family selfie, September 2016

I think this is what makes this place special to me. We have many memories in NJ, due to the fact that we’ve lived in this state for over a year and a half. And even though I’m not a fan of Garfield, for the sole purpose that there’s nothing here, it’s so dear to me because this is technically our first family home in NJ. We made memories here as a family, including birthdays, adventures, dinners, and bonding moments, all of which can never be taken away. Looking back on it now, it was the mark of the beginning of new memories in a new home, in a new state. 

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Casey Anthony: Murder or Accident? 

MURDER! Duh! but her Judge thinks different… Now, the details.

Look, I can take a lot of crazy ideas, but this particular one, I cannot let it register. I was a huge follower in the case of Casey Anthony, aka tot mom, who murdered her beautiful daughter, Caylee Anthony back in 2008. I will say that this is a story that I fell in love with, and I have continued to follow over the years, because I would love to get into this woman’s mind to see what would cause her to do this to her daughter. I would honestly love to just hear her admit that she did it, but I won’t hold my breath with that one.

It’s bad enough that back in 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year old child. Instead, they charged her with four misdemeanor counts of lying to police. Now the retired Orange County Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over her case, says that Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter, but by accident… Bitch, what???

Let’s just do a small recap of what happened to the poor baby, Caylee Anthony. Back in June of 2008, Casey killed her daughter, then threw her body in the woods after riding around with her in the trunk of her car for several weeks, not far from the Anthony home, at which Caylee’s body was found months later, on December 11, 2008. Can we discuss how the poor baby was found?! Her bones were found, wrapped in one of her blankets, thrown in a damn trash bag! It was a truly insidious act of murder & neglect.

It was no lie or secret that Casey Anthony loved to party and be single, with little to no responsibilities. I mean, her daughter was last seen June 16th of 2008, & she wasn’t reported missing until July 15th of 2008, nearly a damn month after she was last seen!  Of course we can all understand the long wait, due to the fact that Casey allegedly passed her daughter from baby sitter to baby sitter while she continued to stay out and party with her at-the-time boyfriend.

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony did in fact kill her daughter, and I do not believe for one second that it was accidental. Hell, there were over 400 pieces of evidence! Including a strand of Caylee’s hair, this was found in the trunk of Casey’s car. This would make sense, since she had her body in there for so long, before throwing her into the woods like she was garbage.

It stuns me to this day that the jury could not get a clear understanding of what happened, due to the fact of so many things being thrown at them at one time, from hundreds of evidence, to crazy irrelevant stories, like Casey’s dad molesting her. Due to that, the monstrous ‘TOT’ mom walked free. I’m pretty sure she is still hiding, because she has a whole nation that completely despises her.

Let’s get back to what her judge said, because there’s more.

“The most logical thing that occurred, in my eyesight, based on everything I know about the case, was that Casey did not intentionally kill her daughter. I think based upon the evidence, the most logical thing that happened was that she tried to knock her daughter out by the use of chloroform and gave her too much, which caused her daughter to die.”

To me, murder is murder. Casey murdered her daughter, so she never should’ve walked free. How dare someone try to step forward and try to write it off as an accident. How is that justice for baby Caylee who lost her life? She lost her life because her mother was selfish. Yet, people are trying to defend the evil and not the pure.

Sad. What are your thoughts?

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Blessings In A Backpack

Today I would like to talk about something a little more uplifting than usual. It’s almost the weeked, I feel good, & I want others to feel good too. No intense posts from me today.

Let’s talk about this amazing charity organization, Blessings in a Backpack.

Blessings in a Backpack are an organization that mobilizes communities, individuals & recourses to provide food on the weekend for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

The vision is just as beautiful mission. Every school – aged child in America has the nourishment needed to learn and grow. As a leader in the movement to end childhood hunger, Blessings strives to ensure children don’t go hungry on the weekends by empowering individuals & communities to take action.

One in five American children face food insecurity – this is more than the populations of New York City, Los Angeles & Chicago combined! These children count on the federal funds and food that they receive during the school lunch, and for most, these are the only meals they get.

Over 92,700 children are involved in the program, helping over 1,064 schools in 47 states nationwide.

It was blessing within itself to be a part of Blessings in a Backpack. I served a weekend run with some former colleagues from our college campus, back in the summer of 2012. We were stationed in Louisville, Kentucky, and we assisted the children at Roosevelt Perry Elementary.

I have never seen so many beautiful, happy faced, grateful children in my life.  It warmed my heart to stuff all of their backpacks with as many goodies as we possibly could.

There are many ways to donate for the charity program. You can give money – which you can do one time only, or even set up to pay monthly – stock items, or even backpacks! Or, my personal favorite, which is what myself and my colleagues did, you can step in and help out personally. You can be the one to put all of the treats in the bags, and see all the children’s’ smiling faces!

If anyone is donating, here are the steps:

Money – Send checks to the following address – Blessings in a Backpack , P.O. box 950291 , Louisville, KY 40295.

Stock – Contact the Associate Director of Development at (312) 893-5508.

Give in-Kind (Backpacks) – The only backpacks that can be accepted are new standard backpacks, or drawstrings. Sadly, satchels, roller bags, messenger bags or clear or mesh backpacks cannot be accepted. Call (800) 872 – 4366 to donate!

You can check out the website, to see all of the full details. There, you can also click on the donate tab, and choose whichever way you would like to donate!

I think this charity is one of the most positive impacting tools to take the nation by storm, and it warms my heart to see them going so strong for so many years. Children need all the help they can get because they are our future. We take care of them now, they take care of us later. Plus, with all the nastiness going on in the world today, these kids really need to know what love and compassion is.

Here is my PowerPoint – turned video of our work at Roosevelt Perry Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope you enjoy it!

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White Privilege, Racism, & Hypocrisy

I think now is the time to really break down how the system works.

I was watching some videos, while doing some research. I always watch nationwide/world video events to stay on top of everything going on. Well, today I came across a video of a fellow blogger, I would assume, and he had a message about racism amongst white people…

This guy was an upmost mess. He started his video by saying he left his boyfriend, because his boyfriend began dating an older man, then added about how much he hates white people now. He then dived right on in, saying that all white people are racist, naturally, due to white privilege.

He gave a few examples of how generalization works. After he would mock a white person, he would hop back to his normal self, and give his ‘knowledge’. For example, he said all waters are wet, so it’s ok to use generalization…

This kind of worked for me, in terms of talking about OBJECTS. Objects and HUMAN BEINGS are completely DIFFERENT.

This really has bothered me on an astounding level.

What happens when white people generalize a whole race? We get called racist, which, is true. But a different race can do it to white people, and it’s completely ok? No, I think not, & that is where hypocrisy comes into play. That is also known as racism.

I don’t know what kind of history books people read, or what kind of dictionaries people use, but racism is not a definition used only against white people. As a matter of fact, let’s look at some definitions right now…

Racism: Racial discrimination or persecution

Race: division of mankind, based on skin color, etc.

With that being said, people who do the same exact thing to another race, or person with a different skin tone, while talking about how they’re segregated, are also racist.

You cannot classify everyone as a whole, just because there are a handful of people amongst a certain race, are who are in fact, racist. I stand up for all nationalities, skin colors, all of the minorities. I am a fighter for all, Freedom, equality, and compassion.

I think the dude in the video was really confused between white privilege and white power. White privilege does not make a white person an automatic racist. Someone who gloats about white power is a racist. This dude seriously needs to get his facts together before slipping off at the mouth.

This article is not just about white and black. This really happens between all races and nationalities that reside in the USA. There is one race, and that is the human race! The only way we can stop oppression and segregation is if we stop doing it to everyone that doesn’t look like us, or eat like us, or talk like us, or pray like us, etc. I can keep going, but I really think I made my point.

Here is the video I made earlier, regarding the same subject. Watch it, as it may help give more enlightenment.

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911 Response Team

I do a lot of research. I feel like I need to really stress that, while talking about this subject. I’ve read documents, listened to emergency calls, and watched documentaries about the lifestyle of the emergency response team.

Let me just say, that a lot of these released documents are gut wrenching, emotionally unbelievable, and just down right scary.

One example that will forever haunt me, is one where an old lady called 911 due to the fact that she was scared about this man walking around the outside of her house late one night, and she lived alone. You hear her talking to the emergency rep, then she pauses for a second, before letting out these gut wrenching screams… The last thing you hear her say before the line disconnects, is that she can’t breathe.

Even though I’m the type to see so much good in the world, I know the world is, in fact, one f*cked up place, due to a lot of its inhabitants. A few family members have worked in prisons and jails, so I know the evil that exists.

Anyways, after doing all of this research, I became really intrigued with this kind of lifestyle, and the effects it can have on the people involved.

So I decided to do an interview with someone really dear to me, she has 9 years of experience in the emergency task force, so I just had to get her side of her experiences.

You will see the entire video interview below. I hope you all enjoy, this is my first interview ever and I’m very excited to share it with my viewers!

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From Cable Telecommunications to Charter Communications, We Say Bye- Bye To Time Warner!

Time Warner is finally leaving Louisville. On August 13, 2011, Time Warner Cable bought out Insight Communications and all of its 11.4 million residential and business customers for 67 million dollars – which I personally thought was the best cable around, along with the best deals ever – and made instant changes to the system. We were with insight communications for a good 11 years, but once Time Warner Cable came into the picture, we left the cable company in a matter of 3 years, that’s how horrible TW is. We are not DirecTV customers, with ATT Uverse internet.

Every month, we were paying upwards to 300 dollars a month when we had two sets of movie channels, or downwards of 250 dollars a month when we cancelled the two sets of movie channels, & check this, when we decided to go to basic cable, we were paying 200 dollars a month! I mean, just total shit, if I may say so. I can remember my mother being on the phone with them every day, raising hell because they were always getting the bill wrong. We were not the only dissatisfied customers in the TW cesspool. They raped people, as far as pricing went.

Good news and great suspicion aroused back in May of 2016, when an announcement was made that Charter bought out TW and would be planning on changing it to Spectrum. Well this is now our reality! Charter is making some changes to the internet, TV, and phone services, starting with the name, Spectrum.

“Eventually, all markets with the Time Warner Cable will become Spectrum brand,” said Mike Hogan, spokesman for Charter Communication.

Spectrum will feature straightforward, national pricing with no contracts, no early termination fees, & is backed by a 30-day, money back guarantee. Spectrum is also investing in serveries in response to consumer complaints about the cable carriers as a whole. You know, basically cleaning up Time Warner’s mess.

There won’t be much change in the internet as far as the speeds go. The base will begin at 60 mbps, and the fastest will still be 300 mbps, while in some areas, people may only see 100 mbps. BUT, the good news about the internet change is, there will no longer be any more data caps, no more usage-based pricing or additional modem fees!

As far as cable goes, Spectrum will offer a Spectrum Mi Plan that offers 75 Spanish language channels, along with 20 local broadcast & popular English channels. All subscribers will also have access to the company’s TV app, which means you can access all of your favorite shows and channels on portable devices, such as tablets or cell phones.

Now, getting into the phone lines, Spectrum will also be similar to TW, providing unlimited local and long-distance calling in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands, as well as free 411 calls. You will also get free voice mail, call waiting, call blocking, and call forwarding.

Spectrum plans to add 20,000 jobs throughout the country, & the majority of them will be servicing customers directly. Spectrum will also be bringing the jobs back from overseas. These jobs include call centers, leaving more room for availability for technical support.

So it’s kind of a 50/50 shot for me that Spectrum will overpower Time Warner, but at least they’re jobs back here to help out unemployment rate nationwide!

Are you excited for the much needed change?!


Bitter day for my best friend and my brother’s anniversaries. 

Today is a very emotional day. Today is my late best friend’s birthday, as well as the anniversary of my brother’s passing. If you all have seen my previous December post about her, then you know all the details, and how tight and close we were, and still are, because we have our ways of remaining connected. 

My girl would be turning 25 years old today. It’s funny, because she always picked on me for being 6 days older than me, since my birthday is on the 28th. Damn it 😂 

We literally had 3 parties every year. One for her, one for me, and one combined. We knew how to throw down like true Aquariuns.  

When we were younger, we always did house parties. But the day we turned 21, we hit our first club together when I turned 21. We blew that bar out. I’ll never forget it. It was diamonds bar and pub. It was herself, her sister, her husband, my ex, and myself. We got real drunk, danced our asses off, and took many selfies! 

I truly do miss my best friend. This will be my second year celebrating without her, at least physically, because I know she will always be with my spiritually. 


Today also marks the anniversary of my brother’s passing, as I previously stated. So what once was a bittersweet day, is just a bitter day. 
If you read my previous December blog about my brother, then you already know a lot of the details. 

His birthday just passed on December 4th, which means he would be 27 years old. 

He passed away in 1996… it’s now been 21 years since he’s left us physically, and I miss him ever so much. He was my oldest, and only brother, so even though I talk to him all the time, it’s still quite lonely. 

But I know they’re resting in peace together-Brittany and Brian- and I know they’re celebrating each other’s birthdays with one another now, which makes me very happy. They both finally get to meet and learn about one another, like I had the pleasure of doing with them. 

Happy birthday Brittany, I’ll be throwing one back for you! I hope you and Bryan don’t get to tore up in heaven, but then again, it’s heaven, so I’m sure nothing can go wrong! 

I love you both so much and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you all again. 💙❤

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Teenage Son Murdered By Mother For Being Gay.

Here is a small cap of the story:

32 year old supermarket manager, Tatiana Lozano Pereira, from a small town near Sao Paolo, Brazil, confessed to stabbing her 17 year old son, Itaberli Lozano, multiple times until he died, for being gay. His body was found a week later, burned and buried in a field.

I have one word for this mother, and it is simply, bitch.

Tatiana, or bitch, made claims that her son used drugs and contently brought men to their home. But his uncle, Dario Rosa, Denied those claims, and added that Lozano was a hardworking and well educated teen.

For several days, the mother, or bitch, told the family that he had run away to live with extended family, but nine days later filed a missing persons report. The body had already been found 2 days before she filed.

In her first confession, the mother, or bitch, stated that they constantly argued and he eventually threatened her, her husband, and their 3 year old child, so she stabbed him in self-defense. She then woke her sleeping husband,Alex Pereira, 30,  to help her wrap the body, burn, and bury him. But her story changed when it was found that in December, Lozano reported his mother to local authorities. He also posted on Facebook December 26th that she hired multiple boys to beat him. The teens were charged and gave a statement: “the mother hired us to ‘teach’ him a lesson.”

Both the mother and her husband were arrested and are being held for 30 days. They’re both charged with murder and concealment of a corpse.

Here’s My Thoughts:

People, especially parents, like this, make me sick to my stomach. It is the most hateful, bitchiest, most disgusting thing someone could do to someone else, based on their sexuality, especially when its your own mother!

This really makes my skin boil. You sit there and murder your first born child, then drag his name in the dirt, making accusations to make him look like a teenage slut, with bad anger issues, while the rest of the family gives opposite statements, calling him well educated, loving and hardworking.

I do not believe a word she said. He was not aggressive, or threatening, and by the way, let me say this, if I threatened my mom, she would beat my ass to the point to where I would know better to never do it again. She would not murder me! HELLO!!! Anyways, I believe that she strictly killed him because she did not want nor believe in having a homosexual for a son. I’m sure it also gets a little deeper than that. I mean, she does have a 3 year old child with her new husband, so that was probably good enough for her.

I hope they get everything that they deserve. I would say the death penalty, but that would just be giving them the easy way out. She needs to suffer, long and hard, haunted by her own demons, and live with her regretful decisions every day, until it’s her time to go.

The murder and suicide rate is so high in the LGBT community, due to situations like this. This is why children are scared, and find it complicated to open up to others about who they really are. Yet people continue to turn a blind eye, like well, they were mental. I’m sorry for my language, but I call straight bull shit on that.

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Rapists Amongst Us

Here is an image collaboration that is taking the internet by storm..

This is real bothersome to me. These are just a few people who find it socially acceptable to rape women. Rather they’re joking or not, this kind of social issue is not something to be made fun of.

This reminds of me of the Brock Turner in Stanford rape case. He allegedly sexually assaulted and raped an unconscious girl at a party, and the judge decided not to give him any trouble because “his academics are so good and will take him far in life.” They said nothing should be too severe since it was only “20 minutes of action.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? It’s stupid officials like this in our country that  it easy for stupid people to post stupid statements about rape being ok.

The criminal justice statistics show that out of every 1,000 rapes, only 944 will be reported to the police! And only 7 will be lead to a felony conviction and only 6 will be incarcerated. Smh. What a healthy system we have, right?

We made the top ten countries with the highest rape crime, and guess where we fall? Number 1!! Outrageous. Canada, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, India, Sweden, & South Africa also make the list.

This is one of the most disgusted issues I feel that we have in the world.

Look at famous singer and songwriter, Kesha, who has continually battled to free herself from her label because her manager constantly sexually assaults her, yet she loses because our nation gets to decide who has been raped, assualted, or hurt.

Woman get taped, end up getting pregnant, then looked down upon and trash talked for wanting to abort it, due to the fact that it’s not from a good place, it could carry the same issues as the rapist, and it wasn’t wanted!

That’s why I don’t see how people can make jokes about things like this. Sometimes, I do feel that this is one heartless ass world that I live in.

What are your thoughts on the situation?