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A Transgender’s Horrid High School Story

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to a story about a transgender man names Casey Hoke, who went through some horrid harassment during his time at DuPont Manual High School, right here in the heart of Louisville Metro.

He was a senior back in 2015 when his principal, Jerry Mayes, saw him coming out of the men’s bathroom, confronted him, and began questioning him about things that were honestly none of the principals business!

The article is gut wrenching, if I do say so myself. I instantly became full of anger. First of all, if you see a ‘problem’ with a student, you take it up with the students parents, you don’t take matters into your own hands and begin questioning things in their personal life, I don’t care how old the student is.

But it doesn’t stop there. He did more than ask the student what procedures he’s had on his genitalia, — yeah you heard me correctly, he asked those kinds of questions— he also had multiple meetings with his teachers regarding the subject, even though they were already aware of Casey’s situation, due to the fact that an article about his story was posted in the school board a couple of years prior.

When asked by Casey, why any of this would concern him, all he was able to mumble out was “if I get into trouble because of you…”

excuse my French, but how fucking disgusting are we trying to be in the year 2017? Or even 2015??? Plus, if everyone literally knew about it since his freshman year and hasn’t complained, then where would the problem be? Besides in your own small minded brain? …

Anyways, In this article, you will also see that the principal also called teachers “cute” little pet names, even after they asked him not to, which made said teachers feel very uncomfortable. And let’s not even dig into the fact that he strongly opposed Manual’s Black Student Union & Gay Straight Transgender Alliance, but made sure to take full credit for.

If you ask me, I think this so called principal should be let go. He overstepped many boundaries within a single year of holding his position. He doesn’t deserve the title. He clearly has some issues he needs to work out before taking on such a big responsibility of making sure a building full of students and teachers are all well taken care of.

I’m very happy to help spread Casey’s word and to help bring light to the situations we face here in Louisville.

I had my own incidents in middle and high school, so I know it’s bigger than one school or one person. Time for Louisville to step into the new millennium.

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Hartford not so Innocent

I’m sure everyone has heard about the poor young woman who was constantly terrorized at her university dorm.

It happened just a couple of days ago and it has already taken the internet by storm!

Imagine going to school to further your life and future career with other young adults who have the same ambitions, & end up being so disrespected, discriminated, and degraded solely based on the color of your skin. That’s what happened to poor Chennel Rowe.

Every day, her racist ass roommate, Brianna Brochu, terrorized her by wiping her used tampons on her belongings, unleashing her bodily fluids on her belongings, etc., and was even stupid enough (thank god) to post it all over her Instagram page.

That’s one thing I love about these stupid criminals, they always out themselves… isn’t God great?! Karma always wins.

It’s sad that poor Chennel couldn’t defend herself, but that’s also the beauty. She didn’t have to jeopardize her future for some dumb, immature, racist little girl. Karma handled that situation for her.

I sincerely hope that miss Chennel knows that there are thousands of people who are on her side! I am one that stands with you! Don’t let this dummy derail you from your goals! You do you girl!

I hope little miss racist gets her full sentence. She deserves everything that comes her way.

Posted below are some screenshots and more information regarding the topic.

Let me know what you think!

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Gone Home: Console Edition

This one is for the gamers out there. This game is phenomenal!

The game “Gone Home” was originally a PC only game, but, to my knowledge, became a console edition not too long ago, and became available for free download via gold membership on the Xbox console.

Prior to seeing it on the free download screen, I’ve never heard of it before, so I figured I would download it and play, because the picture made it look as if it were a scary game, and we all know I love some horror.

I did not know, however, that it is literally a 15 minute game play. Very short for how amazing this game is, and kind of disappointing, because you’re left with wanting so much more.

The set up is kind of like “Slender: The Arrival”. You may not have played that game before, but if you follow my blog then you know about it because I wrote on it in the past. It has that eerie feel to it, and it’s first person, lights out, limited actions, but completely astounding.

So, given that it resembled the slender-man game, I was totally expecting some real horror. I was a little scared, I’m not even going to lie. There are even clues throughout the house about ghosts and paranormal activities, so for the third time, I was EXPECTING TO BE SCARED…

But it’s nothing like that. (SPOILER ALERT)

It’s about two sisters, one returning home from school and traveling, and the other, who has disappeared. The goal of the game is to search the entire house, which is quite large, for clues as to what happened.

With every key clue that you find, there is a special voice diaries attached. These voice diaries are of her sister, talking to her about what she’s going through, throughout the two year separation. It literally pulls at your heart strings.

And the music! The music is amazing in the game. It’s my second favorite thing about it.

But my first favorite, is the fact that her sister is gay! These stories that she tells her throughout the game, are of her coming out process and falling for one of her classmates, along with how their relationship blossoms and so forth. I won’t give it all away, in case someone out there decides to play it, but it’s truly remarkable and very worth the time to play!

The ending is so very sad, though! But I will also keep that to myself! Just make sure you check it out.

If you’re an Xbox gold member, it’s still free in the membership section of the store for 12 more days! Get it while you can! But even if it’s no longer available, it’s like 10 bucks, which isn’t bad. You get 1000 gamer score for completing all the achievements, and you probably put in about an hour total to collect them all. It’s definitely worthy of a few bucks.

I have seen people playing it on PlayStation as well, so if you’re a PSN player, you can check it out. I just don’t carry any information at this time for PS because I’m currently an Xbox owner only.

I’ll be getting a PlayStation this year though, so in the future, when I go gaming blogs, I’ll be able to broaden my information on the consoles!

If you have played this game, let me know what you think of it! I welcome it all! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

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White Privilege, Racism, & Hypocrisy

I think now is the time to really break down how the system works.

I was watching some videos, while doing some research. I always watch nationwide/world video events to stay on top of everything going on. Well, today I came across a video of a fellow blogger, I would assume, and he had a message about racism amongst white people…

This guy was an upmost mess. He started his video by saying he left his boyfriend, because his boyfriend began dating an older man, then added about how much he hates white people now. He then dived right on in, saying that all white people are racist, naturally, due to white privilege.

He gave a few examples of how generalization works. After he would mock a white person, he would hop back to his normal self, and give his ‘knowledge’. For example, he said all waters are wet, so it’s ok to use generalization…

This kind of worked for me, in terms of talking about OBJECTS. Objects and HUMAN BEINGS are completely DIFFERENT.

This really has bothered me on an astounding level.

What happens when white people generalize a whole race? We get called racist, which, is true. But a different race can do it to white people, and it’s completely ok? No, I think not, & that is where hypocrisy comes into play. That is also known as racism.

I don’t know what kind of history books people read, or what kind of dictionaries people use, but racism is not a definition used only against white people. As a matter of fact, let’s look at some definitions right now…

Racism: Racial discrimination or persecution

Race: division of mankind, based on skin color, etc.

With that being said, people who do the same exact thing to another race, or person with a different skin tone, while talking about how they’re segregated, are also racist.

You cannot classify everyone as a whole, just because there are a handful of people amongst a certain race, are who are in fact, racist. I stand up for all nationalities, skin colors, all of the minorities. I am a fighter for all, Freedom, equality, and compassion.

I think the dude in the video was really confused between white privilege and white power. White privilege does not make a white person an automatic racist. Someone who gloats about white power is a racist. This dude seriously needs to get his facts together before slipping off at the mouth.

This article is not just about white and black. This really happens between all races and nationalities that reside in the USA. There is one race, and that is the human race! The only way we can stop oppression and segregation is if we stop doing it to everyone that doesn’t look like us, or eat like us, or talk like us, or pray like us, etc. I can keep going, but I really think I made my point.

Here is the video I made earlier, regarding the same subject. Watch it, as it may help give more enlightenment.

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Is Reality TV To Blame For Creation Of Mean Girls?

I am a personal fan of reality TV, which is why I have a reality category, ha-ha. But allegedly, the reality stars are getting the finger pointed at them as far as blaming them for creating a generation of mean girls.

Allegedly, new research has been found that reality television makes teenage girls more mean to each other.

A specific show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, gets called having catty, bitchy, and disrespectful behavior, yet they’re the most famous family, and most followed on all social media.

Another show, ‘The Bad Girls Club’, is a show about 7 bad girls getting put into a mansion to work on themselves, but only end up fighting and arguing left and right, which some, if not most, will say promotes violence. Being a YouTuber, I also watch a lot of videos. When I watch fighting videos, a lot of them will add text relating to this show.

Impressionable young women, which make up the majority of the programs’ audience, begin to believe that the only way to get ahead in life socially, is to undercut and beat down their rivals.

Another show to give a perfect example to the previous statement would be ‘Love and Hip Hop’. That’s the main promotion in the music industry. You have to cut down your rivals and prove that you are better than them.

Statistics show that 16 to 24 year olds spend more than 28 hours a week on the internet or watching TV, constantly downloading programs to computers or smartphones.

Dr. Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz of the University of Missouri, said: “Regular reality TV viewing is associated with the belief that girls are untrustworthy. Social aggression is a normal part of girls’ relationships with each other, and that it’s necessary to be mean or lie to get ahead in life.”

Certain shows, such as Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, have made it to where you cannot physically touch one another, after the explosive reunion brawl between all of the cast members. So, all they can do it argue, which is where the cattiness comes into play.

My Thoughts

I am in the middle about it. I mean, I was watching the bad girls club since the very second season, which would put me at the age of 15-16, but it never turned me into someone who wants to go out and fight people, or argue with someone over some petty stuff. Now, don’t get it twisted, I was catty and sassy. But I was like that my whole life, ha-ha. I still watch all of the shows I listed, including other reality TV drama-based shows, and I go about my life in a respectful, mature, professional fashion.

I feel like this is just a new genre added to the blame game. If you know about the blame game, then you know its about those critics who blame everything for the actions of others. Video games cause issues in men, horror movies cause people to kill each other, music causes people to believe in getting money and sleeping around, blah-blah-blah. I mean, I’m sure there is a small percentage of people in each category that do base their lives on these genres, but as to blame these genres for EVERYONES’ actions, I think is just plain nonsense.

What are your thoughts?


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Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

This is honestly my go to. It’s hard for me to really open up, it always has been, honestly. People actually find it hard to believe, but if anyone ever pays attention, I express myself in the defense of others, hardly every myself. I mean, it has become easier as I have grown older, but it is still one hell of a process. Maybe I just need that one person to run up and hold me tightly.

A lot of people go through these type of feelings in life, no matter what age you are, no matter what sex you are, & no matter the orientation that you live by. It’s ok to open up and express yourself, statistics say, and I can honestly agree, that it does help you move on and feel better in your life.

Do you struggle with your emotions?

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Lawrence, MA Horror – Teen Beheaded

It was a long and sad day for the parents of 16 year old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, when they reported him missing on November 19th in the county of Essex, in Lawrence Massachusetts.

His body was found around 2:45 pm in the Merrimack River, two weeks after the missing report was filed, by a woman who was walking her dog. It was just 30 miles from Boston.

It was tragic news, when his body was discovered, and he had been beheaded- they found the head near his body. The news literally shook the Lawrence community. He was murdered, decapitated, then thrown into the river.

Allegations point to Paulino’s High School classmate, 15 year old Matthew Borges. Borges has pleaded not guilty. He was held without bail while waiting for his court appearance next month. He will be tried as an adult for murder in the first degree.

As of right now, this is no motive being aired, so only speculation. Maybe a hate crime? One thing we do know for sure, is that this was not a random attack.

One day, in mid November, Paulino brought Borges to his house, while his family knew little about him. Then, just a few days later, Paulino left his home, never to return again. The police report does state that the two teens were smoking marijuana, the day Paulino went missing.

The only statement that Borges has given, was allegedly to a witness, and his words only consisted of “I did something bad.”

My heart goes out to Paulino’s family and friends during these real struggling times. I could not imagine dealing with something as severe as this. They are strong, and surrounded by love and support!

As for the murderer, I do not believe he acted alone. The autopsy alone took 11 hours, which means there was some serious damage. I don’t know any 15 year old that has that kind of power, to maim, murder, decapitate, and pick up another body and throw them down into a river. I hope the others are found, and justice is rightfully served.

This is something I never thought would happen on American soil. We don’t cut off heads here. My heart is literally breaking. God bless us all.



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JCPS Justice Lawsuit

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, so this touches me personally. My cousins go to JC public schools and deal with bullies. When I was a student, I was bullied at times. Nothing was being done about it back then by the school officials, and it seems as if they’re still not doing anything about it. So, six parents stepped up and filed a lawsuit against the school system! YAAAS!

It all started with the incident that took place at Crosby Middle School, when a student was repeatedly slapped in the face, while two staff members were present in the classroom. He was humiliated,. embarrassed, and intimidated. He begged, through up, cried and pleaded not to return to school.

Five parents and even a grandparent, say that the district continues to violate civil rights by not protecting kids while in the staff’s custody.

all six guardians gave the stories of what their children went through, during their time at Crosby Middle. Five of the six kids don’t even attend the school anymore, because the bullying got so bad.

“It got bad,” says Bethany Littlefield, a parent at Crosby Middle School. “In February of last year, he attempted to end his pain the only way he knew how – and I had to put him in Our Lady of Peace.”

Littlefield then went on to say that “this place is the survival of the fittest.”

That is no way that a public school in any state, should be defined. These are children, and I think the ones to blame are the ones they go home to. Start with the parents, then move to the school district, because the adults who watch the kids every day from 7 am to 3;45 pm, are also responsible. A school is not a place that should be considered or looked at as scary for kids, or make them feel like their lives are in danger, it should be looked at as a place of knowledge, to better ones’ life, and to see your friends.

JCPS will not release any comment regarding the case, since its still pending. I for one don’t blame them, because they know they’re wrong.

This is where my ‘Throwback Thursday’ comes in…

When I went to Waggener High School, I was in a few altercations, one in which one threatened to beat me up everyday, I reported the issue, as well as my mother, because my momma doesn’t play, and all the school did was “speak” to the aggressor. I was also in an altercation where there was a threatening letter in my English mailbox, I gave it to my teacher, she took me straight to the principal’s office, and the only thing principal Candice Conway did was shrug it off and say that there was nothing she could do, since there was no name on the paper… Really? Ok, cool. I am so pleased to announce that she did get fired the year after I graduated!

So now this has escalated to all of Jefferson County, because even though this incident is specific to Crosby Middle, it is not the only school in the district that has daily bully, unprotected, and violent issues regarding students.

I think its time we do some cleaning in the district buildings, and fire all of those who feel that they don’t get paid enough to deal with kids every day, and find more people who have a passion for kids and teaching.